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Yes, this week it's the story of two massive scoops and now a resignation. It was pipa creer from the Daily Mirror who first reported there had been a Christmas party at Downing Street last December over a week later, Paul bran from ITV news released a video he'd obtained showing Downing Street staff last December joking about a party at number ten during lockdown. The party and the video dominated prime minister's questions this week and far away from Westminster and deck are making jokes about it. Who was at the party as a hashtag on Twitter and interest is surging. So we're going to learn how these scoops happened. Pippa, and Paul, welcome to the media show. I Roz. Hi. Well, as of course, you know, Allegra strattons now resigned as an adviser to the prime minister. This is what she's had to say outside her house this afternoon. More remarks seemed to make light of the rules. Brawls that people were doing everything to obey. That was never my intention. I regret those remarks for the rest of my days. Now for my profound apologies to all of you at home for them. Paul, you released the story yesterday evening this resignations the result of it did you imagine it would have such an immediate impact? We knew it was going to be an important story Ross because of course there have been talk of this Downing Street party ever since pippa broke the story. But what I hadn't quite anticipated was the extraordinary reaction that there has been from the public. I think this is what we call in the trade cut through, somewhat patronizing the at times, but I think the public really did grab hold of this story and feel this story in their bones because they have made huge sacrifices over the past two years. We all have and yet it appeared that those sacrifices were not being made in number ten. While Paul and pippa are going to be with us through the half hour and we want to examine what this story reveals about the relationship between the government and the lobby to help us do that will be Katy Perry, director of communications to Theresa May, when she was prime minister, Michael crick, political correspondent with male plus and kitty Donaldson, the UK political editor for Bloomberg news, and will hear from all of them in a minute..

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