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Phillips give us a little background on the Tiger Woods. Wrongful death lawsuit. Of course, this is John M Phillips not hard not to be confused. Yeah. John welcome back. It's east coast. West coast thing, I'm John Hillis, fair enough. There's a wrongful death suit to somebody left his Tigers bar and drunken gonna accident. Yes. Yes. So so tiger owns of barn. Restaurant called the woods here in Florida. And it was actually a bartender. So he had a bartender who staff to shift and consumed a lot of alcohol point to four point two five by by, you know, postmortem examination and had a one car accident meeting only only he was involved, and it was fatal. And so about a year ago, and his family has sued the bar tiger at apparently, his girlfriend some sort of manager in the in the bar and restaurant, and you know, the the next question is what is Florida law say about that in Florida Loxley says under the old DRAM shop acts. That that is of alad lawsuit to the extended you kin show the person was a known drunker or vitual drinker. Oh boy. Confusing to me. So a person you gets drunk in. Well, let me let me step back. So a person that gets involved in any sort of incident, whether they're causing somebody else's death or causing injury to themselves can sue the bar for being observed essentially based upon what's called a dream shop act, and it's it puts liability on the bar on the bartenders the management of the bar for over serving someone for for somebody drinking too much. If that person is known to consume alcohol habitually, or is a the old law is a known drunkard. So the bar knew that this bartender guy was drunk. I think he's the bartenders served himself. Right. So they he was off duty. It goes back to the old expression. This guy was bartender at that bar. After hours and the so we're this one's interesting. And you know, normally, I don't I don't air. I don't go with the frivolous lawsuit thing. But this one's this one's more in that direction. But we're this one's interesting relates to Florida wall is apparently this this bartender was known to be treating it at a and was known to have an issue in his lawyers claim in his family claims that you know, that was largely the noticed that he was in recovery. But the bar, you know, brought him out of this fairy Tiger Woods own bar. Brought him out of recovery and toward led him to dry drunk driving. And getting you know, getting in this wreck. It's all sounds a little bit like a strike suspicious. In the in that he's an alcoholic. Everyone news in alcoholics. He drank he visited the bar as a as an employee as a as a customer. Sounds like you stayed after shift, and they served it working that night. Say foul alcoholics relapse, due at the very Cajun, very cagey ways. And I'm sure he was a shame that I'm sure he didn't share what he was doing with anybody there. I'm sure of it. Do we have any evidence of what I guess it's all shut down there right now and saying, right? So so right now, it's it's just a civil claim that circulating around the internet. And when I saw it this morning east coast time about gosh. I think I saw it at seven about four o'clock, your your producers time, my first thought was what is Dr drew think about. Recovery and allegedly tires and some kind of recovery or something it seems like two. And just curious who who was the, you know, who was the person serving him drinks if he was there. That's the point. Maybe wasn't there woman that was just arrested after years later a guy that died leaving her bar? She was a bartender in another state. Just just a couple of days ago was arrested for a guy that diets she's supposedly over served him was who who was the person work in the bar that night when he was staying over and he got drunk video footage of this at the bar. I mean, imagine. I. They are just looking for a settlement number one. Right. Right. And number two. He you know, how much is the responsibility of the bartender or the manager there to prevent him from drinking. You know, what I'm saying one thing to say, you overseer of somebody the other is what is your obligation to stand in the way of somebody's addiction, and you know, that's self responsibility. It's it's highly personal stuff. People don't know how to do it. Into your point about about whether someone certainly there's if the guy was on, you know, how to lamp shade on his head analogy dancing around. And then they threw his keys tomorrow that that's one thing. Just just to show you what a class act Tiger Woods is. He he was quoted as saying, we're all very sad. The Nick passed away. It was a terrible terrible ending and we feel bad for him and his family. It's very sad. Whereas most lawyers tell these guys, you know. Yeah. Don't don't you know, he he he said the, right? You know, the right things, which which seem pretty

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