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The thing that was no fluky. They beat their butts and they beat their butts up front both sides of the ball which I couldn't believe you get hunter are and Everson Griffen playing that. Well that probably ends up being the difference in the game at San Francisco is it Bosa and Buckner and Armstead or is it did he L. Hunter and Everson Griffen that dominate upfront. We all loved the skill guys a fantasy football. And I'm not saying it's just because I was alignment. But you know most most of these games like everybody's talking about Derrick Henry you only time derrick. Henry was able to run for five yards before he was touched. I mean we talk about the titans beating the Patriots Retreats Brains in the game is not as complicated people make it and it's rare when the team that wins the battle. The treasures does not win the game. Yeah I mean that's an interesting way to look at that game Saturday and I think it's the right way to look at it because danneal hunters a star. You're a lot of people don't don't know he's a game record and he's been that way at times This year and then you've got what they have in boasts in that speed. beat up front. It's like whichever quarterback is harassed in two third-down misses or worse third-down mistakes. You know they probably lose game both teams. You're going to want to run the ball. In ironically. In the same way right you know the Shanahan system against Kuby Acts Shanahan system and run scheme in Minnesota. They'll be mirrors of each other correct and it says a lot for that system you know at least one of them's GonNa get into the conference championship game too. You and I'm not sure. They're both like overly talented. Although I thought it was weird that everybody thought the saints are going to blow out the Vikings I mean they got a top ten quarterback. They're back they've got a top five receiver duo. They got top five running back. They got a top five defensive end do oh they got a top five linebacker do oh they got out. I five safety to. Oh I mean he's got a lot of good players do like I like to think that they're going to get blown out and get a lot of playoff experienced. No and they didn't apply love the vikings getting the eight points. I thought that was crazy. Yeah and they're going to get six and a half less than a touchdown. It looks like they're begging the public Tibet San Francisco and lay less than a touchdown which usually works poorly for the for the public. All right the other two games real quickly. So you mentioned Derrick Henry. I thought he was the best player I watched this weekend. Canned and to me what they can do. Running the football gives them a chance against Baltimore. Agree or disagree agreed agreed What I don't like about it for the titans is they're the only team in the playoffs in the AFC? That hasn't played the Ravens yet. And I like in the Ravens to playing like army or navy or Air Force in college football. The scheme is so different and so unique that the first time you actually go up against it it is a real awakening. Your scout teams is not able to do a very good job with it and then you get to it and even if they do a decent job the speed of it is just so different so what happens then. Is the Ravens get a lead..

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