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We had a pretty good talk which is of course nature right and those fingers. He didn't give me those figures. I heard it from a source over. There are not from koi but boy confirmed all that and was like look. I can't continue to be dumb. I will put my own money into this thing. you know. he's very busy in the nascar side and he wants to go racing. He loves dirt bike racing even though he's been away from it a little bit But he just can't simply make up that deficit from suzuki so Yeah this is more on sukey to me than j. g. r. j. was willing to go around with a quote unquote subpar lineup and go racing and representatives. Yuki the best they can but when when he comes in with an offer like that you know. Coy can't can't help. But do that sell you. Dealt with coy Paul over at your old gig as well. So engineer. Jeremy all of course so yeah. That's that's kind of what i got from this thing. It's awful for sure right when they first burst onto the scene J. jerry was just like a perfect mattress. This nascar team. They're going to build their shop out of the nascar shop. Have assets all these you know machinery and team and staff and assets and And they yeah. They're they're legit factory team as soon as they showed up right in. Its we've heard rumblings of difficulties through the last few years now right so I would imagine coys. Patients have have just run thin. And i think with everything that has come and twenty twenty Oftentimes i shrug my shoulders a little bit when everyone's like oh. It's great. cove is great for power sports. Everyone's killing it. And yes. That is true to an extent but it's also very untrue to an extent and i have to believe. Kobe had a huge huge amount of A huge effect on on suzuki's offer jr this year. I mean you have to explain something..

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