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Say that I you know I I don't know how many years will be left but I don't I don't so I don't see and like I said working from home certainly makes a difference I would say it's a different world being at home Mike it's completely that's a very different world and I and I have to be honest with you because I do want to be honest with you and I want to be honest with everybody listening I woke up this morning I wasn't feeling well and nowadays you wake up and you don't feel well you give it a million thoughts and know my throat was sore and had a little bit of a fever all the symptoms of everything and so out of an abundance of caution you've heard that term a live audience a boat I've been locked away from my family for the last twelve hours because you know I've been to in test I don't know if I've got any better now you know what bro I gotta tell you I actually do turning on the microphone and talking about sports with you actually do feel a little bit better doesn't mean I you know this nothing wrong with me but because I sometimes I I wanted and not that I feel I feel good I gotta say thank god I feel I feel good but sometimes I wonder you know you you know mentally yes almost ought to like you know Joe it within a medically you make yourself they think you're sick the only sold you are so right and trust me I thought about that this morning when I felt that that it's a matter of right right I see us talking to some of the heaven do you really feel like it's mental right now I I genuinely did unfortunately so I've been I've been locked away from my family for the last twelve hours basically the good news for you as far as is that is that you know really it's at least where you you know hearing what they say you're not at the risk that somebody my age or above would be at no absolutely as far as any kind of god's got to bid for talent you would be concerned no that's how will you know that I think that's been pretty well documented out there yeah but that you're a hundred percent right that's why I like in my brain I wasn't concerned about myself as much as I was concerned about my in laws that live with me and my wife so that's a part of why I've kinda caved out a location and housing right now only get it boy I'm sure every I'm sure there are a lot of people listening right now but over the last few days woke up you're not feeling great work and normally do you know me when I don't feel great okay okay take a Tylenol let's go I'm fine with you but I always ready to play with pain of course yeah like let's go but I think because of everything we've learned and know about you just have to be extra careful not only for yourself but for everybody around you yep so that means they'll be about five more classic games I'll be watching tonight because I'll be stored away by myself so all right all right I'll let everybody know what it is let's go to Jason in Montgomery which have Jason Jason how are you your order what's up yes October Salam you bro not much yeah like J. O. I. I think you you're you're now that Robby Anderson says Abbas you gotta get back I re signed and all of my other point was I I just read a report on now yes the on the Broncos released Joe Flacco so would would you actually bring Joe Flacco back up for Sam Darnold and he's a bit you know if you yeah I mean I don't know what kind of what's the money situation would be but I mean you know you certainly would be a decent guide advise your backup quarterback also the question I have and it's funny because we were talking a Joe Flacco yesterday we're trying to remind ourselves the Bronco quarterback situation drew lock obviously right well before I finally came in and the Flacco experiment in Denver didn't work but you wonder about Joe Flacco if he wants to keep going especially if his career now is as a backup quarterback is thirty five years old a lot of money got a super ball already yeah these guys won this championship we're referring to him yesterday because we're talking how Sanchez beat manning and Brady back to back on the road in the playoffs and Flacco was done that too he has that on his resume yeah but if you're Joe Flacco right now would you want to be the backup to Sam Darnold or anyone else I don't know you hit on the head the overall I mean you know he would there's not a lot of quarter but you know you got some some pretty big name guys are available starting quarterbacks in this league cam Newton in the Dalton James Winston and there's not a lot of teams looking for quarterbacks right now exactly if you think about it won't go through all teams in this league and say could they use all the names you mention James Winston Cameron and Andy Dalton Joe Flacco and by the way Joe Flacco is last on that list let's get perfectly I don't know not a Joe Flacco's last on that list I would agree with you on a percent right how many spots are really available to be a starting quarterback in this league is a back up sure why not right I mean look to answer his question yeah if Joe Flacco said I want to be a backup I'm cool with it why wouldn't I sorry no I'm not could agree more solid as well as good a backup as you could probably have to be honest with you but but what but what it comes down to is is that really something he would want to do right at this point in his career I don't know I mean Joe Flacco's thirty five years old and needs to be able to sign if you thought was a backup quarterback I mean you know you have to look at that guy knows who knows what the what how that situation is going to play itself out yeah at some point we can go through the teams that could use a quarterback I don't as a starter not as about right because I think it's a back up sure you should use a good backup sure and you don't miss a pay as your backup sure of course I know what the why not but when you go through the league is not a long list especially if you're going to believe that the charges are gonna go with Tyrod Taylor that's I thought right now that they may draft a quarterback which they probably will but for now Tyrod Taylor is going to be their starter and they're not gonna be that interested in bringing in one of those veterans we mention right we'll get to that is a show rolls on to mention Chris busy now covers the giants for giants inside will join us at three o'clock our weekly chat with Jon Heyman a little bit later on as well but I'm going Roberts here in the afternoon on this Thursday attention.

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