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It's eighty degrees at the end our harbor, Annapolis. Seventy nine degrees coming up on the news at five thirty Baltimore's mayor to beat this week with board that investigated the death of a Baltimore detective, okay? We got some things to look at right now. Of course, we love the history. And I go back every day on this day in the Justice. Sean does as you guys do and I look at what what happened what's going on in history. What's going on in the past? And some some pretty interesting stuff on this day in one thousand nine hundred one president McKinley shot twice by an anarchist. And he lived a week before succumbing to gangrene. They didn't see it also on this date of modern warfare changed in one thousand nine hundred fifteen is the little Willie rolled off the assembly line in England the first battle tank, and it was kind of a not really a success because they couldn't figure out how to get it moving very quickly, and Chuck you had a little Willie didn't you? Yeah. Yeah. I was actually born with that. With a little Willie. For little Willie. Yes. The mold. Became joe. So well GI Joe doesn't even have a little will move. Barbie never looked at that part of it. And I did. Yeah. We did. Yeah. Yeah. We put the action wardrobe on him, and he had the he had the beard hair of any other. He thought it was fabulous. And on the state nine hundred ninety seven two point five billion. People watched the funeral for Princess, Diana. But. We got another moment in history on this date. Nineteen ninety-five Cal Ripken played the twenty one thirty one two thousand one hundred and thirty first consecutive ballgame. Breaking Gehrig's record you. Remember that one while you want? Yeah. Wasn't there at the game? But I watched it on TV was huge that round of applause. I think was a record setter. I think it went on for like nine minutes of standing did a walk around the stadium shook hands with just about everybody could have run for president you talking about run. All right. Let's do the birthday game here. Let's see on the states some pretty famous birthdays. But guess guess who is wait a minute. This is yesterday. What am I doing with yesterday's birthday? Got it. Here. Don't have faith in me. I'm looking at going Raca while she's having a birthday was yesterday. Yeah. She she has parts of her that we talked about. I know there's one guy that has birthday today. All right. One of my favorite singers house. You you know, this guy David Allen co. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, you wouldn't admit I like my life, David L up against the wall redneck mother. Yeah. Person that redneck Muffin. Yes. Redneck Muffin mother kidding. What was the the the need? No. He didn't do the was drunk the night. I went my mama went to prison. What? AM country day that David Allen go. He wrote it and Steve Goodman fixed. It. Yeah. Because he wrote the final verse. I lost my birthday. Let's. Make it up. Chuck does that all the Trump. Does. He really. Thanks. How we get the traffic around here. Of course, you can only be fifty percent wrong. I've said that before the people who are sitting there say, he's an idiot. There's nothing here and the people who aren't there go. Wow. That's really a bad problem. And what do they pay? Speaking of being fifty percent wrong. Why is it? The always paid these weather guys so much money. When they're only fifty percent, right that active. God is what they used to say nothing. They can do about it. And you know in your insurance acts of God are able to be discounted. So if you have something that happens in your insurance policy, and if you read the fine print your insurance policy, I believe it says if you if they can trace your lineage back to either Adam or eve they can deny the claim I'm just saying so that's the history. Well, so we have David Allen coach today, Mitzi Gaynor. I think is having a birthday today. And I had one more for you. And I'm sorry. But who do you think is older Mitzi Gaynor Davidenko was? I know about David Allen code because I read it early this morning. So I'll tell you David Allen COE MSCI you we're going to the traffic is he's fifty percent right on traffic. But one hundred percent right today on this. Absolutely, correct. So I would like to have a disclaimer by the way to that that I'm fifty percent, right? So please let people know you're kidding. I am kidding. I'm sorry. I checked the last thing I wanna do Pugh your credibility. Long along list of last. Show too long to have credibility. What are you talking about guilt by association? Mr. that's what I'm saying. It's your problem. I will I will straighten the ship out and get I'll find my papers this giant stack of papers. I can't find the stuff. I know that Chuck actually gets home on time each and every morning with his own personal traffic report. Yeah. You pay extra for that house? Of course, he does. Of course, you. All right. We'll tell you how you can get the personalized Ha's like traffic for shock a little bit later. Mike. I take it out in trade with him. I I don't wanna know. This is now now it's an HR problem. It sounds like, but if Tomlin's listening it's out give him equal time. Okay. We'll get equal time for Tom. Tom shares Joe with me. So there you go. I'm trying to get to pay the bills here brother helped me out. Talkradio six eighty WCBS off the rails already mica palca in for Sean. But everybody else is here beat me up. A few years ago. I started noticing how quick my legs got tired sore and heavy failing. I'm over forty. So I figured par for the course. Right. But.

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