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Oh a little over an hour from now. It was introduced at the last minute during the spring session, but supported by both democrat and Republican leadership and Rory teachers been charged with sexually abusing two children. He knew WGN's Ryan burrow has that Kane county state's attorney's offices fifty eight year old Louise are Mora abused to eight year old children. He knew between August twenty eighteen and may of this year. Mora was a bilingual teacher at Dietrich elementary school in Aurora, east Aurora. School district says they learned about the allegations at the end of April and moral was put on administrative leave. He appeared in pond cord yesterday posting the ten percent needed to be released. We'll be back in court in two weeks. Ryan burrow, WGN news investigating alleged animal abuse after an animal rights group released graphic video showing workers kicking and throwing young calves at an Indiana dairy farm. It's a popular destination for school field. Trips animal recovery. Mission says an investigator for the Miami based group secretly recorded and distributed footage last year while working at fair oaks, farms, which food and wine. Magazine once called the Disneyland of agricultural tourism. US Bank is closing twenty one local branches that's about thirteen percent of its footprint here. Cranes points out. It's just one of many banks shedding locations. Part of the reason is there were too many branches to begin with. But another part of it is, we just don't need to go to the Bank that often speaker Pelosi says, don't worry. She knows what she's doing. She's being pushed by more and more Democrats to move toward, impeaching, President Trump. They know exactly what path on Leonelli exactly, what actions we need to take. And while that may take.

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