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I think it's probably nagas room and i think the person cowell he'll here is the people who gave orders in the first place so i know some issues there following orders but to me the agents are far less culpable for carrying out the orders and the guy who gave the orders so uh trump uh had promise oh don't worry i'm only going to take out ever rinse undocumented immigrants with a criminal background uh but he lied and they've now doubled the number of people that they have deported that have no criminal background at all and obviously this young 10yearoldgirl girl does not as she came over as we pointed out when she was three months old so her to send her back to her country should never known any country but america uh and so you say well i don't care and i don't care if she sick okay fine than than maybe the adjective the french oscar use those apply to you if you're that heartless um now it's not to say that there should be a rational solution for how we handle this overall problem but if you think uh yeah no i don't care that they are door of criminal background i don't care is the only country ever been i don't care that they're sick they should be guarded like there's some sort of fugitive and then put into these detention centres well you she wants to the the movie that we actually uh just aired on youtube dot com slash the young turks from brave new films so they did a movie called immigra prisons and i hoped in the premier and and i heard all the stories of people who've been in these detention centres it is brutal.

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