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Let's wait to see what happens in two or three years time as fashion begins to reflect, hopefully what will happen in two years time with kind of begun so out some of these issues. And we've got a bit more confident about playfulness and sexuality and the they will come back because in the end, we like having sex and we'd like close just finally on this Andrew, very true fashion has always relied on the provocateur in one way or another. We had seen the run back in the seventies posing nude for his own label. Calvin Klein bringing the the, the tiny white briefs above the genes waistline where is the provoker in today's fashion? Do we need a little bit more rebelliousness injected into? It'll. Well, I again, I think some of the fashion houses they want their cake and eat it. They've had the likes of Alexander McQueen have had a John Galliano who who are provocateurs, but you one who, unfortunately committed suicide and one who got caught up in an anti-semitic which has nearly destroyed his Co. that he's made a something of an apology on a comeback. But I think they they, they won't rebelliousness, but they won't make sure is commercial. Again, coming back to Tom Ford. He certainly not going to say anything to ridiculous, but he has got independence because he owns his own company and that's allowed him to come out here. And he's not kind of dismissing these ideas if far from it, he's saying, this is a moment questionnaire, but let's not give up on the idea that in the end, people kind of want to look hot in their clothes, and that will come back even if for the moment, people want to feel a bit more safe androgynous and kind of know on the market as it were that will. Eban flow. As we feel confident about the social mores around us. Monaco's editor, Andrew, tuck. Thanks for coming in on the briefing today. You can read more of that interview with Tom Ford. In the current edition of monocle magazine. It is of course by Jamie waters, Monaco's fashion.

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