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An hour or if can Throggs neck of the best bets on the Upper East River bronze medal white stone is all bunched up keep in mind Verrazano and the RSK Whitestone and Throgs neck you can't bring a tandem tractor trailer or an empty tractor trailer cross that is all because of the high wind concerns this evening traffic sponsored by incredible implants dot com I'm Greg rice with a supply house dot com fan highway patrol all right I am I have to admit I'm actually in treating my the XFL now they take in lines like the Fendall sports book as apps on their app has spread for the games I don't know how the spreads are formulated like for example the Dallas renegades are nine and a half point favorites against the St Louis battle hawk so I'm not sure how the scouting is going so that they feel that cold autumn the game is in Dallas yes alright but not half as a field advantage to be a few there right the guardian is you know our team in New York they're getting points at home three home against the Tampa Bay might be interesting so I I you know the day I said to I know some of the names of guys that are in this league Cardale Jones Erin Marie guys like that this league let's break this that's very very simple they have a lot of new rules yes they do some of the rules are written shrieking yes some of the rules are fascinating yes the to forward passes the ball have to be the second has to be behind the line of scrimmage all that no actually Boeing has to be behind the yes I I just assume the first one we know but when you have okay but you're right and try to stay at the right anything you could juggle that would be so that would be no extra points right if you go for it from the to its full one point if you go from a from the five it's two point is that correct yes you can go for one point from the two as you noted two points from the five or three points from the ten I like this I like that I wonder if that's something not exactly perhaps but that the NFL would be and you know it just it just seems like some of the stuff could be interesting down the road anyway yes so there are three those three different scoring options right obviously make a tie less likely right which makes sense and coaching strategy will be emphasize which that that part is interesting very interesting to hear a couple but you can hate me though no hit me just gonna say that they're gonna Mike a lot of people up which I got okay are okay that doesn't do that much for me I would agree that's an exciting me that my would agree but I guess taking you closer to the the primary easier you know you're miked up you're gonna act different if you don't in the NFL say that when they know they're buying like say for kick offs and punts kick off have been altered to make them safer so players aren't hitting each other at full speed the kicker will kick off from the thirty five yards farther back then in the NFL and as a way to also limit touch back this is from MM QB but by the way most players will line up across from each other but between the other thirty and thirty five yard line and cannot move until the yes return catches the ball now taking a look at it until it is gonna look weird it will emphasize player safety and that was the only thing and this is one of the examples of how different this XFL is because whenever I hear that term XFL all I could think about is what they tried to pull in two thousand one let's face it was very CD they were selling sex they were selling violence they were selling you the W. W. F. now I'll be the first to tell yeah that's the how the height of the attitude era they call it for the W. W. F. it was all about sex violence and craziness wrestling not like that anymore they have made it more of a P. G. products for kids I was all over it though I was you know eighteen years old in a pro wrestling watch the XFL the right man I can't wait all this is crazy where's he hate me he gave me all that stuff every time I hear the name XFL even today on the eve of this league coming back at all I think of it yet everything they're doing about this league is different you talk about player safety nobody has seen Vince McMahon right seeing Oliver look he's been on every radio show in America he's touring the country this man has been very quiet no where right no way I think that's it obviously intentional right I think they're trying to because Vince McMahon despite how different the W. W. E. product is right now the face of Vince McMahon you think of pro or absent right that's what you think of it I think they're trying to stay away from that that's why I'm a real yeah you know you want the reality of this is a real real football so there is a very basic question me if they wanted to make it so different than the XFL why do you call it the XFL interesting question maybe I'll think about just because they're about second chances let's make it a success this time yeah I get second chances nothing remotely the same as the first and the first installment was violence and sex called either cheerleaders actually window and say you so all we're gonna take you behind the city the could you can get away with that twenty twelve nor should you but the point is when they announced they were bringing the XFL back my assumption is all they're gonna go crazy right it's not that so why not just call it the you know whatever whatever you wanna call it so I I'm kind of bothered by it I'm just more surprise because at least in my breast look you do feel that way as a wrestling fan that when you hear the XFL you're thinking two thousand one yeah definitely has a stench to it that's why you like him as you know thanks posts that are balls that are punted out of bounds yes or into the end zone so I outbound that's interesting to me will be marked at the thirty five yard line as opposed to the twenty in the NFL a touch back we'll go to the thirty five yard line yes No player on the punt team can run down field until the ball is kicked so that'll give a return or some more space here's the to forward passes yes things like this for me to read this again I'm reading from and I'm QB yes the XFL did not want to be gimmicky as a football league they have a two three and a four point play or a one two with a three pointer that emphasizes coaching you know strategy okay what is but it's not crazy gimmicky it's not really over there not bringing in jugglers and it you know monkeys writing dog track that be so I would like that okay so they don't want to be gimmicky let's see in what might be the most fun update in the XFL rule book the double forward pass will be allowed as long as the first pass is completed behind the line of scrimmage so shotgun formation yeah and we're back to back behind the line of scrimmage dice rolls to the running back's six yards deep but still not in front of the line of scrimmage and then he then throws it right okay once the ball has passed the line of scrimmage no forward passes are allowed yeah okay your games they're aiming to play each in under three hours that's very important it is it's very very important because what's gonna make this league successful or not successful is if the brand of football is gone if it moves and you can't it's tough to tell people to sit there for college football game just three and a half four hours this is a sport that's or a game or league it's so new it's gonna be quick so I think that's very very with Niki interesting to me the XFL has added an eighth official on the field whose only job is to spot the ball once the official spot the ball the twenty five second play clock will begin talking about me that is an interesting that's interesting to me that there's an actual official but that's the only job of that fish right let's see each coach has two time outs perhaps instead of three in the NFL have times only ten minutes ago that will help move things along a little bit although college football is the doctor there early NFL times not terrible not even close regular season it eliminated coach's challenges there none of those in the XFL all place will be subject to review from a replay official will be stationed in a booth above the field will you know what houses by the way will you watch any of these games choose to kick off or defer at the start of the game okay it's not out of the realm of possibility I will turn the TV on and find a game this weekend in particular I think I'll be unlikely to sit and just I'm gonna sit just watch the game but but I may have it on how bout you I'm definitely gonna try out and were killed the first XFL forget the gimmicks forget what they were selling is the brand the football wasn't good it's very simple right and sometimes I'm a snob like I like college basketball and eccentricity hobbled over this weekend but sometimes all sit there watch college basketball game and say this is not as good as the NBA which is obvious right you can't have the brand of football be significantly less than the NFL it likely will be correct town isn't as good but that's the tough sell that to me is what causes leagues to fail that when you're watching it you say this is nothing like the NFL these guys are mediocre I can't watch this that's what killed the XFL my opinion that's why the ratings started off hi there is a fascination standpoint and then people watched it and said this isn't very good football and so there are some names were familiar with but overall and that's the thing that I'm to take with me right from this weekend hide the football look and that'll help determine if it is excessive not tomorrow two PM on a beat and also I think every network basically is involved in this I think it's ABC ESPN and fox now okay those are the two that significant yeah absolutely tomorrow it too there's a game Seattle at the DC defenders on ABC tomorrow at five Los Angeles Wildcats versus Houston Roughnecks yes five PM on fox Sunday you get Tampa Bay at New York you mention that two PM on fox and then St Louis battle hocks that when I'm not locked verses the Dallas renegades five PM on ESPN two one five Saturday and Sunday I am very very curious this is nothing like the original XFL or the scrum they used to have that's how they they didn't have a coin toss or anything it was literally two guys at a run at each other and whoever got the football first would kit yeah we're coming right back this is taking barber with 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