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Twice the Christmas. That's a nightmare your opponent is Emma Emma Griffin on buzzer number. Two you work in product development for a relationship science technology company. Welcome thanks Vera Emma Emma you like to throw holiday parties that are as you say difficult to dress for. What does that mean? I'm Catholic and a couple of homilies one year. We're all about how it was the advent season actually until the twenty fifth and then the Christmas season so I decided to throw an advent party rather than a Christmas party and asked people to dresses an item from an advent calendar. No one was really able to execute on that. I'm not really sure even what I what ideas I had in mind myself. What did you? What did you dress as I just went with purple because that's the color of advent so it was a little bit of a hop out the host? So I figured I will do whatever you wanted. Good idea so Danielle and Emma the first of you who wins two games. We'll go onto our holiday party at the end of the show. This is a quiz carol. So your first quiz is from the past Charles. Dickens is one of the best known novelists of the Victorian era. But it's not the only good thing that came out of that time we are going to describe inventions from the eighteen hundreds ring and tell us what they are here. We go remember member sitting for hours even days to get your portrait painted. Now Louis Daguerre can create an image of you in mere minutes using harmless mercury fumes Daniel photograph the photograph. That's right exactly. Just think. Think back then. A selfie sticks were made of Festus Eighteen. Seventy six is the year when the Revolution Starts Revolution in skating frozen ponds are inconsistent consistent faraway and dangerous. We changed everything with the glaciated him. Emma Indoor Ice Skating Rink yes. That is correct tired of people complaining about your handwriting. Christopher Leith Shoals saves the day with his new correspondence London's writing machine Emma typewriter that is correct. Yes.

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