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I'm really glad that his finding an audience because like at the time nobody watched it. And i thought that's like really cool. Really classy thing to do. I should watch that movie again some time and so i watched the movie again and i was like man. There's a lot more in here that i didn't pick up on when i was like one and watching because rachel cook is cute and now and so i. It was one of the two movies we talked about in the first episode of the emerald city. Video podcast when we started that five years ago whatever it was and So basically since then. I've had this idea that like there's something there like in part of this is honestly just because i work in the entertainment media and if you wanna know basically anything about the avengers movie right you can find it out because the combination of like every molecule pool movie being covered to death by a hundred different entertainment sites and everybody having social media and everybody having camera phones. And you know it's like these things are like the demand that fans have always had to know more and see more and have more of their favorite movie or favor record or whatever now it's more or less satisfied right like we. We no longer have to wait for the thirtieth anniversary. Reissue of born to run to get a documentary about the making. No letter to you. It came out the same day as the record and so as a reporter. Who like. that's what i do. I help become part of this. White noise covers everything to death I thought this is a good movie. There's a lot of really cool people in it. There's gotta be some good stories here. And so years ago i started kind of halfheartedly putting together notes for like what if i did a book. What if i did neural history. But if i did whatever and at the time i backed off..

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