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With those but I was new to the Navy after nine-eleven and it's like you have to try out for it like go through like this kind of like almost like a mock like this ticket shoot for like three months basically like it's pretty much it and but you go on like they'll call you with an like a any hours notice and you go and fly somewhere. You don't even know where you're going until like you're on the plane. You're like do security for these delegates or off the airplane or the Airfield and whatnot. So I got to I got to go like 27 different countries and just like man, like that's what the world is missing right now is like you look around and like everyone's complaining about how bad thoughts. Sorry, but if you had some perspective on nobody has depth to their world deals people look to America for their world answers. We have like only 10% of Americans have a passport. Like we're the last people you should ask how the world don't ask us for objective. And I mean it was like you been other country. Oh, yeah. I've been to Cancun like, okay, but come on cool good for you. How was the how was the unlimited drinks at the bar or wherever and spoke English off, you know, but yeah like you could do I mean you go I would say like look my Iraq experience. I would never want to go back there. But say what man like that's that's awful experience right there. Like you see how women are treated you see how poor people are you see that the value of a dollar difference there, you know with my kids. I mean like fortunate enough of where I work my ass off and got us into a good opportunity if like when we travel my kids have been to the Bahamas after we sold our business went to take a family trip to, Georgia. I got dikana went to a family down to Punta Cana. I took my.

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