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Same way they did ten years ago even twenty years ago that's where five g. clemson yori wurmser is principal analyst emarketer you may remember him from earlier episodes his extensive research search for marketers has covered retail and mobile including five g. retailer you has differs from the rest of the world than that the u._s. is way over stored and over retail and always has been the u._s. is it has always been a very consumer driven model with a ton more retail stores out there i think is amazon is taken off and more e commerce has taken off retailers are realizing that they have too many stores so that said physical stores are are still going to be important and they will without doubt have to transform to find your place within a world where amazon is out there where walmart is investing billions and billions of dollars in its ecommerce platform target as well the whole old retail ecosystem has to change five g. i think is going to help in that because part of what the physical retail experience has to do it has to become more connected to the online experience and it also has to become more interactive so for the online experience mobile apps for your best users i think can become really interactive with the store experience you can use it for augmented reality within the store based on your phone i think five g. could be great for that you can have richer experiences within retail apps you can have remote retail where people can actually size themselves by scanning their you know what they're wearing and get accurate sizing <music> i will make e-commerce lot more possible will also make returns less common and finally within the retail store you can make an actual store a lot more interactive by having you know smart mirrors augmented reality experiences within the store for the rely on on really high throughput and one final thing <hes> that retail stores also have capacity constraints under internal that works i think five g. will go a long way to solving that and what that does is it lets in store door users have richer experience.

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