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Year. I'm Christopher cruise. And I'm Susanna Palmer from Bloomberg world headquarters. The S and P five hundred index just posted a third consecutive week of gains. That's the longest streak since August and the best performance since early two thousand sixteen vaguely upbeat. Macro news and perceptions of a devastate tilt by the fed are certainly a large part of that. Another reason has been the dramatic repricing of assets during the sell off which helped to lure investors back to securities the S and P five hundred rose two and a half percent this week. The Dow up two point four percent. The NASDAQ up three and a half percent for the week. A source tells Bloomberg J P Morgan Chase plans to increase annual bonuses at its corporate and investment Bank as a growing number of Wall Street firms. Share proceeds from a busy year more from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett. The source says average percentage increases will be in the mid single digits with equities traders and investment bankers probably getting more than that compensation consultant Johnson associates had predicted in November that Wall Street equities traders will reap the biggest bonus. Increases as their counterparts on fixed. Income desks, potentially get less. Charlie pellett. Bloomberg radio. Bloomberg has learned Elon Musk space exploration technologies. Spacex plans to cut about ten percent of its workforce. The company cited the need to be leaner to keep delivering for customers and develop spacecraft and space based internet, Bloomberg has learned to be N P era. The biggest French Bank is shutting its two point nine billion dollar proprietary trading arm. One of the sources said the opera trading capital division of the lender struggle to make a profit last year bien para based in Paris is said to have told employees and has begun informing prime brokers and counterparties about the plans to close opera. Global news twenty four hours a day on air and it ticked up on Twitter. Powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg..

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