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Forty thirty eight or go to redeyebeets dot com today that's redeyebeets dot com across the low country on twelve fifty wt across the world w tma dot com sees red eye radio we know boswell gerry brisson bluffing please standby red eye radio there's nothing funny nothing's funny anymore stop laughing i will never laugh again either they reported the reporting on some breaking news about seventeen hundred residents near the kill killer way of volcano in hawaii mandatory evacuation with lava coming toward those homes heading in that residential area towards some homes and they were reporting since monday hundreds of earthquakes most of them two point oh but there's the this this there was the collapse of a crater floor the volcanic cone in the eastern rift zone of the kilowatt volcano it mother nature is always fascinating in and very often frightening it's it's very very interesting and intriguing to watch but this is the most active volcano you know essentially that there is i i you know and i would just love to talk to some of those residences is do you live any with any concerns on any given day you always are you always alert and always in the back of your mind aware of it you know i mean it's one thing again in a in a and a weather event the seek shelter but there's really no seeking shelter when it comes to lobbying you've just got to go you've gotta get out of the way so i wonder what the i i just wonder what it's like living that close to the most active volcano that there is i said this before i i actually took a geology in college and took it pass fail because i just hated the course and i just i was young and stupid because to me if i wasn't doing this that would be one of the few things i would love to do is be a geologist and and you know studying volcanoes as i got to be older i just became fascinated with them when i lived in in portland in oregon i'll never forget flying in the first time to portland and just seeing the mountains and going.

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