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Today it's all neon safari from flavor of love is not first of all. There were two fake out deaths this week which was crazy week. That's too many flip flop all over the place with these deaths. They said that bismarck was dead. He is not dead. They said that's that was a little bit more like 'cause he was sick he was so they so it was a little bit should know better. They should know better. It's just happened with what's her name. That actor was on that seventy show. And then it's this one's even more silly. Which is the fire from flavor of love. Who if you watch that show. Was you know fantastic in it. She's not dead sh- somebody posted on her instagram that she was dead when actor instagram. Or something we don't know it said you know. Then she posted. I was hacked. I am alive alive. Mark question more than like a bunch of megaphones. I'm alive alive. But then she posted a video of herself speaking. That was like. Hey everyone like. i'm literally alive. This foremost as you can see him alive. And my little busted but my ass is here. I left that first and foremost as you can see. I am. Alive is an incredible quote. First and foremost as you can see. i'm alive. Fiery was on flavor of love like the first season the original flavor of love. Yeah she was on season two then. She won charm stool charm school. The monique show but the safari thing was lip chap she was the one who called it. Who called chapstick lip chap remember them.

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