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Puig and right field. I told you. Body grin at catcher pass ball grand doll. He's a very popular guy here even mohawk. Ben has many pest ball guys. Like you guys like his money. And he does look that. No, Chris Chris Taylor at second base. And of course Walker. Bueller pitch. And so there is you're starting lineup for tonight for the DOD. Well, I'm glad that they left Taylor in. Unfortunately, they didn't get freeze in there, which we would have liked to have seen. I'd like your idea with having freeze their first in Muncie moving over to second. But I liked the Taylor releases in there said much much better at bats than KiKi Hernandez. I hate the fact that Grondahl dollars in there. I just he doesn't hit. I understand he has more option to hit. And he's a he can hit a righty better. Because he is better from the left side. I get that on the plus side grand hit Grendel was in front of a home crowd that really loves him. That's it lift him up. Who'd day. He got booed. I know lint was there. Elsie? Yeah. It was brutal ball. They're going to at least. He's a threat. He twenty four home runs during the course of the year. Austin Barnes, batted one. Oh, five I think during the regular season that I mean, he's an absolute debt out and Grendel, particularly from the left side of the plate. His splits are very very strong. I understand why they would go to Grindal in this situation. How much do you actually put on the defensive side of these games losing game one because of game one of the NFC because strictly of defense had not having a good defensive? Here's what I'm most concerned about the fact that they're not scoring any runs. You've got a score with the Boston Red Sox. And you've got to put him you've got to put hitters in place. And Austin Barnes is a is a very good defensive catcher center. He's not a plus defensive catcher. Plus, he's he's a good defensive catch. Yes. Mighty GRA is has been a nightmare. He's got essentially he's got the. Ap's? He really does. Yes. It's almost like one passed ball leads to another pass ball leads to another problem is. So he has the hips at the one position. You can't have it. Correct. You cannot have the obsessive catcher how much that matters. If you have a passed ball that moves runners from first and second to second and third then you have to walk a guy and you load the basis it changes the entire game. When you have a guys for I'm not going to second. Guess I'm going to I guess it a pre guess it. That's the right call. That's the right. Call have always better to say it ahead of time. And so you're going, right. I'm blown. Yes. Like example in game two in Boston. I said Ryan Madson was the right guy to go to in that spot. I said it before and I stick with it. Now that was the right spot and had Yossi. Oh Quique played in another seventeen feet. He played him seventeen feet deeper than the average rightfielder played JD Martinez. Had he played him at the correct? Correct depth that ballgame would have been tied at two weeks seems like a guy who ignores his laminated car, by the way. I don't know if that's the dodgers miss positioning him or if the laminated card was not looked at by SEAL Puig before that at bath. You'll more column B guess with week week is that a quietly bad series. He not only did was he not positioned correctly for that. JD martinez. A bat in the very first inning of the very first game of game one..

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