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Think they will. I think they have the pieces in place. So twist my arm. On june twenty fifth dallas cowboys win the nfc east followed by the giants followed by the football team. Followed by the philadelphia. Eagles and the eagles might win seven games. They're going to be better this year. They're gonna make strides. They're going to take steps forward. I just don't think their roster is in the same place as the other three teams in the division. Of course before we get out of here. I'd be remiss of in touch on the biggest story in the nfl this week and an argument can be made that it's the biggest story in the nfl. Recent years and that's car on nasa coming out as the first openly gay active. Nfl player in the league. And first of all. Kudos congratulations and a word of appreciation. For carl nasa feeling comfortable enough and showing the strength to reveal his truth as someone who has a member of their family and the lgbtq community and several gay friends. It's really heartening to see. Nasa feel comfortable enough knowing that he can come out as gay that he can live his truth openly and just to see where we are society with james franklin as we touched on earlier writing the ten thousand dollar check to the trevor fund which helps prevent lgbtq youth from committing suicide. They'll league matching carl nasr's nation to the trevor fund. I it's just really encouraging to see that we're now at a society that is in a place where people can feel comfortable living in their own skin not feeling banished to the darkness of a closet. Not feeling like they need to live ally not feeling that need need need to be someone to pretend to be someone that they're not and carl nassib not only with his donation of one hundred thousand dollars to help prevent suicides among youth. Gay lesbian queer and transgender people is isn't just helping that community in a real tangible regard. He's now role model for people who feel uncomfortable living in their own skin. That even as someone who's going to be in an nfl locker room one of the more testosterone driven environments in the entire world..

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