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And if there's other smells encroach you can't home in on his civic smell wherever smells her in the environment you smell. If you wanted to smell king henry gates fat or something. You would have to get close to him. The pineapple delivery service will be able to find you wherever you are in the world delivered seven. Am each morning. they're left outside your door. Sales people can up. And if you want they can cut up. Pineapple look good onset saying the other answers more interesting but there's no why wouldn't you wanna smell the future. Why would you dress. Tv interesting smells like in the future. I see do history. So that's that's an issue. And i guess that's kind of playing planet forward as well so future history which we haven't had yet thinking the partner polls were i to be honest. You're not going to get one a day. You can share on the people. I recommend it but you can keep a small elderly person's home a kitchen with fresh fruit for up for. We don't think of fresh fruit in the morning. Like a luxurious. Fresh fruit is yeah. Well thankfully if you had a every day. I mean there aren't enough pizzas in the world to use a bullet pizza all that term pineapple. Maybe not you get sick of the pineapple right. And then you thinking when the when the battle of hastings smelt like down and should have done that. You didn't make it clear that you actually have to eat. It was going to be delivered to tip but you would presume now is it. My husband's very good at getting rid of the unwanted five day a wants them. Yes okay It's much easier. Where carrots down here. okay. He'll be happy it'd be have to get through the juice juice weeks all right. This is a good question. This is another money base question.

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