Bula, Abbott, Roger Stone discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


The indian leader who's been a guy working with trump he's playing both sides i like bula's them i wanna work with the globalists' but you know it's losing its luster trump was right globalism is the globalist system of world technical chronic technocracy government global and global connections is just part of the next development of the human species they just want a package delivered ability of the move into that world system to make it undemocratic and command and control from the beginning so this is a huge time to be alive i want to give you the toll free number to join us to talk specifically about dave ouch what's happened there with trump what you think is going to come out the memo one you think it's going to come out i was told that they are looking to release the secret portions of the memo and their report monday or tuesday of next week but because that looks like the justice department is so rogue and the trump doesn't control but only maybe the first layer uh that they may trust him injunctions or something or some type of congressional battle to block it the democrats are rushing to put out their own fake memo admits just hyperbole and opinion and so they may release it tonight or tomorrow abbott talking to a lot of people that are talking these congressmen and some of the women and i'm just gonna leave it at that you know we probably should just get roger stone on dan lyman from.

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