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From the WGN Chicago weather center here's meteorologist Tim McGill lecture fun advisory continues for cook county till nine o'clock this morning and got lakeshore flood warning to for for North India sunny breezy and cold today record cold high temperatures only nineteen or twenty for the high wind chills this morning zero to ten below wind chills at best this afternoon getting up in the high single digits tonight becoming mostly cloudy down on ten for the low that stay or rising temperatures cloudy tomorrow some light snow possible late in the day high twenty six at it's no could spill over to early Thursday most of us probably about a half inch it could be a few spots get up to an inch north of the city we'll keep an eye on that then becoming partly cloudy Thursday thirty two Friday partly to mostly sunny thirty three Saturday partly to mostly sunny thirty six some time ago from the double jump on the Senate's eight right now and here tended midway thirteen along the lake front it's five in Aurora and the wind chill is minus nine record breaking cold in Chicago establishing a new record in the city of seven degrees at here this morning and it's not over yet the afternoon high will only make it to the upper teens which will shatter the old record high of twenty eight again those single digit Winchell's continuing as well today airlines are playing catch up today after canceling nearly thirteen hundred flights yesterday WGN's Nancy Lewis at o'hare due to aircraft lodges sticks plus the extreme cold there already nearly a hundred to the new cancellations this morning here at the big airport five over at midway yesterday's travel woes force a lot of people to spend the night here at o'hare but the people.

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