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Have tried to predict what's going to happen in the future for this pandemic have repeatedly found egg on their face After talking about concerns of the omicron sub variant city health officials say children in pre-K must continue to wear masks and the private sector vaccine requirements remain mayor Adams had previously said he would reevaluate the mask policy after lifting the mask mandate for the older students Scott Pringle reporting the house is approving a bill to outlaw race based hair discrimination the measure applies to many different areas of life including employment and housing programs The bill's sponsor didn't mince words when talking about prejudice based on somebody's hair Democrat Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey said discrimination against black hair is discrimination against black people Her bill is called The Crown act crown stands for creating a respectful and open world for natural hair Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are staying with Spotify Michael castner has more The duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly thought about moving their podcast because they were concerned about how the streaming platform was handling coronavirus misinformation Spokesperson for their production company said Thursday they're confident about moving forward with their multiyear deal with Spotify They expect to launch Meghan's podcast series this summer I'm Michael kassner Amazon now owns a major Hollywood studio variety says the Seattle based company finalized an 8 and a half $1 billion deal giving it ownership of the MGM The deal gives Amazon Prime Video streaming service access to MGM's entire catalog of 4000 films spanning its 98 years in business I'm Brian shook And I'm Charlie pellet at Bloomberg world headquarters Stocks had their best week since 2020 for the week the S&P 500 Index advanced a 6.2% NASDAQ this week up 8.2% Technology stocks led today's gains Jim Paulson is chief investment strategist at Luthor whedon capital He says stocks are attractive In the combination of pessimism which is really elevated after about a year of going nowhere And with strong fundamentals I think is a buying opportunity for investors Jim Paulson of Lou fauld whedon Wall Street is wrapping up a week in which we saw liftoff for the Federal Reserve Katie Kaminsky is chief research strategist at alpha simplex group Traditionally whenever the market has been faced with the rate hike we usually have sort of a sell off in some way So I was pretty impressed that the market was relatively calm this week about this decision but maybe that's because everybody knew it was coming Katie Kaminsky of alpha simplex Well as for the path of Federal Reserve rate hikes Patrick palfrey is senior equity strategist at Credit Suisse securities I think the question is how many hikes can they get in in 2023 as well And ultimately it appears that they're looking to do 7 potentially this year and then four potentially next year Patrick palfrey of Credit Suisse General Motors has bought out the SoftBank vision fund one stake in self-driving startup crews for $2.1 billion ending the Japanese investment firm stake in the business Stocks advanced today with the S&P rallying 51 points up 1.2% NASDAQ up 279 up by 2% the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 274 a gain of 8 tenths of 1% Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries I'm Charlie palette This is Bloomberg.

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