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Seven the colonel Alexander and his twin brother army lieutenant colonel Yevgeny vin vent were both removed from their jobs at the White House president trump's response to Alexander's testimony to Congress in the impeachment investigation defense secretary mark Casper tells reporters have been mens are still in the service we welcome back all of our service members where they serve to any assignment they're they're given I'd I would refer you to to the army for any more detail on that a short time later ambassador Gordon son on who also testified announce he was recalled immediately from his post as ambassador to the European Union trump also take shots as on the Democrats running to take his place especially critical the problems with the Iowa caucuses embarrassing hello I'm not overly embarrassed by it I see the shows is going to this day it is a disaster trump is going to kill us on this one they're right seven of the Democrats running for president debate ahead of Tuesday's New Hampshire primary former vice president Joe Biden says he expects to take a hit since voters and a state normally back candidates from New Hampshire or neighboring states tech entrepreneur answer to Yang says while he and the others all want to defeat president trump in November his fellow Democrats are wrong in thinking trump is the problem he feels the problems this country faces have been growing for years if not decades more cases more deaths from the corona virus in China more people have been flown out of China to the U. S. where they will be quarantine for two weeks doctor Robert Redfield heads the CDC this is a serious.

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