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Was never returned to her anisa. Rats life was defined by the death of her mother. She tried several times to speak with president johnson before ending up the steps of the white house crying for him to listen her brother. John was also on the run for his alleged contribution to the booth murder plot. Anna was forced to sell all her property in order to cover the legal fees. Her mother's case had racked up she moved to baltimore and married. William p tanri four days after their wedding tanri was fired from his job at the war department because of his relationship with anna the election between james a garfield and major general winfield scott hancock. The supervisor of mary rats execution brought the trial and the execution of the lincoln co-conspirators back to the public. I the press hounded anna for her thoughts and a fake interview ran in several papers. Her husband tanri stated publicly that the published interview was false and contended that he his wife remained neutral though he did say that the republican party was responsible for mary. Seurat's death garfield presidency also ended in an assassination for months after he took office and developed nervous condition that lasted the rest of her life. Though she died in new york the secret service staffers and visitors to the white house say they hear pounding on the front door. Along with sobs and screams for help. The pounding gets louder every july seven. The anniversary of mary sue death but she isn't the only woman that haunts the grounds anna's counterpart is far more malevolent than the morning girl could ever be now back to the story. The white house we know today is the result of over two hundred years of building and rebuilding to fit both the needs of the president and the country. The white house was designed by irish architect. James hogan mixing colonial neoclassical and renaissance styles. Thomas jefferson designed some of his own architectural improvements when he moved in eighteen. One but much of the building was lost during the burning of washington by the british during the war of eighteen twelve. The building wasn't restored until eighteen seventeen and was renovated again. In the early twentieth century which included an expansion of the west wing and the construction of the oval office. the whole building had to be restored. During the truman administration as the brick and sandstone structure was danger of collapsing. It was first lady. Jackie kennedy who gave the white house interiors their iconic look picking an era for major room in the building including federal french empire and victorian later renovations include a bowling alley in the basement added by richard nixon and a set of solar water heating panels which were installed by the carter administration before being removed by ronald reagan presidents george w bush and barack obama would later restore and expand the solar energy elements of the building. The renovation process is not without its architectural losses. One of the most tragic is the white house conservatory which was open to the public and supplied all the flowers for events at the residence. It was ultimately converted to office space to expand the west wing. But perhaps it's for the past because more than bees seemed to buzz between the rows of fully ch- nathan loved working at the white house. It made him feel like he was an integral part of the structure that kept the nation running even if his job was just patrolling at night after a string of assassinated precedence security was even more important and with the twentieth century about to dawn. Change was closer than ever. Nathan took his duties very seriously but he also had a secret hidden within the walls at the palatial building. He had a friend that no one knew She had never told him her name. Or even how. She came to stay at the white house but the to head past many a moonlit night together in the conservatory in between his rounds each time they met she was dressed in clothes. That must have been passed down from a relative. She was far too young to be wearing the stiff hoop skirts. That had been style nearly a century earlier but she liked to stay in around in them like a tornado. Come to life. Her hair shone as if there was a lantern hanging behind her head casting a celestial glow daughter and your voice was soft and sweet lavender. Honey he could find himself drowning it. If he wasn't careful she had approached him on one of his first watches. He tried to treat her like any unaccounted for guests on the grounds but she had been kind him innocent and generous in every way with her. He wasn't an overlooked part of the environment. He was a person with his own point of view and she wanted to hear it after that it had been hard to ask for anything. She was always more interested in him than anything else. Nathan had always felt that he was incredibly ordinary but this nameless woman devoured his stories with laughs and gasps that made him feel like a hero in his own life his beloved dog. Its first school the day. He got the job. In the nation's capital they were all triumphs of great interest. He worried at first that she was teasing him but she listened with such earnestness but he found himself incapable of doubting her. He took his obligation seriously but he relished his time with her sometimes he would cut cars so we could spend more time with her but she was so patient. Twenty astor to wait. Nathan finishes preliminary rounds and headed for the conservatory. The moon cast a soft glow through the center windows while the rest of the glass room remained shrouded in mystery. Tall plants loomed menacingly overhead and had on several occasions snagged him as he moved through the space but his friend had a way of us waging all his fears usually she was already there to greet him at the entrance tonight however she appeared to be missing. Nathan wasn't too concerned. The white house was large and the conservatory was made up of winding connected enclosures. She could be just around the next bet and rather than wait for her to appear. He decided to walk the length of the conservatory. As his lantern swung back and forth in his hand. The shadows change position making. It appear that the.

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