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Ugur juggernaut. I don't know honest awesome. But this week in his story. So let's get into that. Gather mike this week in his story. August twelfth nineteen ninety eight henry ford's first model t. Rolls off line out there in detroit with gets trees really cool. You want black. Yeah and immediately as can see the photo their statement. Wait a minute. He just have one of those. You have to give us money. And here's a plate. Thirteenth nineteen sixty three a zoom the most infamous Record our record a seventeen year old buddhist monk burned himself to death in saigon south vietnam in protest of the ongoing war in this country August fourteenth fourteen fifty seven. I love this story. The first book ever printed by the printing press is published by german astrologer named faust. He's immediately thrown in jail. We'll try to sell those books in paris because authorities concluded that he must have made a deal with the devil to get identical. Copies of the book has no one had ever done that before. And that's where the story of thousands made a deal with the devil sophia. Why forgetting like home play of his books. It is nice. Yeah that's where. The character came from the august fifteenth. Two thousand one astronomers announced Discovery of the first sewer system outside of our own which consists of two planets that were found orbiting one of the stars. That'd be different of course watching star trek and you know that that's the only time but this proved the theory that yes indeed. There are other solar systems Let's see august sixteenth. Eighteenth fifty eight. Us president james buchanan Victoria exchange messages inaugurated we first transatlantic telegraph line which holy shit water to choosy ownership august seventeenth nineteen ninety eight president. Bill clinton finally admits the american public that he had indeed had an affair with white house intern. Monica monica lewinsky This picture is actually from him. Denying it but it was widely going on now there. There was no cell phones or should have been there filming it let's see august eighteen. Fifteen ninety john white of one hundred seventeen harnessed sent into seven roanoke island in what is now. North carolina to establish call returned to the colony from a trip. It's england to find the settlement abandoned and no sign of dean settlers was ever found They did find on a tree. This weird word croats helen. scrawled into the bark And so in of course is inspired a lot of witchcraft stuff indians. Tatum who knows alien was gone. Everybody from stephen qingda american orquesta air or story as us that and Let's see so that brings us to end of this week sterling and nine the end of our show kind of wrapped it up wrapped it up. Pervy nice there. You did there trevor. Like thank our sponsors. Eso auto works course an harmonic studios richard maintenance and a new sponsor coming onboard very soon. We announced that. Let's hold off okay often. So we've been we teases you whether it's it's been in the shot the whole time you know. Make sure sense by product. I okay let is exciting. It will be. It is first. Line of manuals branded. It's true to be awesome. So they'll that more coming up We do have some other crazy. Nelson's coming up on men tools for later this month. So stay tune At for all of the mantle stuff go mantles media dot com or checkout oliver socials league tree slash mantles media gooding emerge and our subscriptions to patriarch locals for just five dollars month. One point out we have some new merch designs in our brand new kovin tyranny. Why it's a silverline. Kobe tierney collection Let me zoom some of his in here we've got. We've got three new items citizens. Excellent pictured finger a ship. Well you guys could see him from over there. Argue the internet larry's Well let me click on. We got whatever happened to my body. My choice of course with vaccination stuff we also have more than rattled. Crowder coming up with. Get the jab. It's for your health. Love this with the police beating the shit out of some refusing to get jab and finally another one of my favorites It's not a mandatory vaccine. We just won't allow you to get that big just won't allow you to each shopper. Go out in public with us. Without a picture of mr shitting grin police officer who happily is enforcing any orders. You can pay with paypal and four inches three payments again. If you want a also let me bring it back. A new item.

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