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Your smart speakers takes it fits it for Trey Wingo trays out doing some trap prep today I'll be out the rest of week I'll be in here sitting with Michael and Michael junior and I mean it just it it gives me all the feels gentlemen I I hear that and I just I I think next time I come over tomorrow Mike if you could just have that playing in the background is that come into the house to maybe commentator that's not happening yeah not at all I used to have a buddy of mine who would play like play like bar gigs played guitar will play bars around south bend in he's from Chicago so one of his big things during his set was he would always play the bulls starting on my house and we would get together five of us that would go through the line up everyone in the bar would make a tunnel we don't go through it and it was electric I only say that because that was where it used to be like that was always the association remember that song and now two days we also have your own zoom calls with our staff and we're you know going through and talking with everybody I look up and half of our staff in the middle of that lineup is disrobing like they're taking off their warm ups getting ready to go out there I think I might have seen in like a nipple in there called all right we got to cover that up as a lot happening it's it's early in the morning when we get together so we could make a tunnel and run through it and I just have like iced coffee at the he'd come in and have like ideas like you know everything up but just think about in this era of no sports or this time of no sports we got the the Gronkowski thing going on we still have no sports actual on the field but we got the Gronk news going to Tampa Bay getting traded by the patriots to Tampa Bay read the draft Thursday Friday Saturday and then Sunday parts three and four the last dance this is going to be holy smoke it is amazing like what has happened with the last dance of like every day now we're getting new comments because what we're extremely fortunate in the fact that a couple of the key players one in particular from the last dance and one who's been featured pretty prominently also happens to be a major fixture in the current MBA and particularly giving you some of the opinions on seasons that happened over twenty years ago yeah it really is amazing you know and and and to that end we have Tim Floyd even talking about the fact that forgetting the last season you know that was thought of breaking it up before the fifth title let alone the six title yes Scotty Pippen out there obviously with us on the jump talking you have not Reggie Miller you know Doug talking as well it is it's amazing what this is all stirred up and as I said you're kind of in the middle of a Jason for me in trade like like Joe got drafted maybe forgot Dr navy five were basically the same age so I I I mean I got to watch some of these guys some of the greatest ever play in the same era I was playing you know Mike you know wasn't born until eighty nine you know you're kind of right in the middle of a so you were you were somewhere in the middle of all this well in that I think was the most interesting part of watching it go look and we go by the way presented by progressive insurance one of the interesting things about watching this was there you lived it so much and I remember at that time being such an NBA fan just as a kid watching here is you know young adult watching it we all knew about this drama I mean everybody knew that Scotty Pippin was mad about is money they all knew that like it was common knowledge at the time the Jerry Krause was dismantling this this whole thing and and we talked about it but he didn't live on the same way because social media didn't exist then so it's funny that we you know I've had a lot of people ask me is Gerry cross being too vilified I would argue that Jerry Krause in it the same thing were happening now Jerry Krause would have been far more vilified didn't than ever imaginable because of the way we covered the NBA now and so to me I think if this were today Jerry Krause would be losing these battles all right honey because the players are making way more money to have way more power than they did I mean again Scotty Pippen was a hundred and twenty second highest paid player in the league was a joke are you know players win the battles nowadays with with GM's now with owner policy but with GM sell it I think it would be a different story today I guess I under I my question is why because to me it's always less a money thing and more power and influence getting like there's your guys on the floor like everyone looked at the chief reason the we all balk at this is because we go off course the bulls aren't winning without Jordan and Pippen like that's insane what an insane idea after at that point even if you're you're you're just watched three straight track championships and we're in the middle of a pursuit of a fourth and you somehow look at that picture when you when I can do to make it better this Pentagon what let's also though acknowledged as much as we're trashing Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf's arises checked somehow so far he seems to be staying above board I'm I'm a little curious to see if this series goes on if he starts to get a little bit more heat because he make decisions on who he was willing to pay who wasn't what you thought was strategy I mean part of it was you straight up told Pippin don't sign this deal with your being taken advantage of more or less sure but in today's NBA world to seniors point I believe that if if it's on the same deal that comes in a few years later is like now I'm not playing for this anymore it gets done I mean if there's if Kevin Durant goes to the warriors ownership and says you know I'm not playing for any less than and the warriors to dismantle not because the players don't want to be together anymore but because ownership in GM dismantle it we we would crush that team can I ask you guys both this because I don't have the benefit of this context why why why why was it different than because I don't I don't think the dollar amount has anything to do what well here's where I I think you may be wrong a little bit is right now you don't get the issue with that because the top players got a tip would have been a Max player right there be no issue Scottie Pippen was good enough that if you had that system then that you do now that's why we don't have Kevin Durant saying pay me more there's a mac system they're getting paid the most they can get paid and some of them even choose to turn that down to manipulate it to go to a couple of last year's two that make more money that they do so I do think while it's not the only thing what would you would have had this situation right had we had this situation now Puskar would've been a mascot I also think that players then didn't have the same understanding that they do now of their power and that's something that the NBA has really to the point to the players credits they understand at this point did they run the league gets there it's their jerseys it's their shoes it's their brand wherever they go whatever teams they play for and that wasn't perceived it twenty years ago but I guess it's it's strange to me to say that in the same breath in a documentary where we saw them both Scotty Pippen Michael Jordan openly bull elect and nothing in return yelling their GM yeah Scotty Pippen said I had that it's it's surgery late this late in the game because I don't want to believe but my summer and I wanted to stick it to the organization like those were all as we always say the parlance of our times the overall flexes in the way that those guys deserve it did business that indicates to me that kind of didn't know how big the stake was the base want maybe but I'm not sure they understand how much public support to begin that at now the support in the locker room it's been a real question you know did they have an issue with Scott did the team had an issue with Scotty Pippin delaying his surgery and we all know that Michael Jordan has sort of been quoted all over the place from that moment saying it was a selfish move we're talked a lot about it Steve Kerr warriors head coach remember bulls teammate at that point was on the jump yesterday and was asked by Rachel Nichols if there was team resentment towards got it because of the surgery time no not at all and in fact you know I thought it was interesting we felt as frustration with him you know he he probably should have been the second highest paid guy in the NBA or definitely top five so we all felt for him nobody resented him for for having that surgery later we all just understood.

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