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Six forty one on davy ran swung on a flawed shallow mckinney on the ron coming hard makes the cash to end the inning so he's retired thirteen in a row and he who john sterling referred to on the fan was masahiro tanaka six sittings one home run three hits eight strikeouts four to one of the blue jays to improve to two zero on the season because we were deeper into the game i felt like i was able to adjust so just being able to make the just adjustment during the game i think that was a plus i'll take that as a pause for today tanaka through interpreters shingo hori on yes giancarlo stanton aaron judge a combine oprah tyler wade brandon jury for rabies together billy mckinney his major league debut and left fielder aaron hicks is on the deal with ribcage straight ever lived up to it though i tried to low play it but it was awesome weird atmosphere so i had a great time kenny loggins i hit as well cici's about the marco estrada game three today on the fan three twentyfive pregame jacob degrom michael watt immediate city field today mets cardinals after an off day yesterday red sox topped the raise nothing texas over the astros five to one angels beat the as two to one national feed the reds zip marlins better than the cubs in seventeen to two one philly's secure the braves at eleven five to four diamondbacks edge the rockies nine eight brewers padre six giants one nothing win over the dodgers pirates that thirteen ten thirteen inning victory at the tigers uconn women's basketball losing to notre dame in the final four ninety one eighty nine in overtime a rica play the game when with one second left second year in a row huskies loss a buzzer beater bucket in the national semifinal men's final four tonight from san antonio sister jeans loyola chicago ramblers take on michigan followed by villanova in kansas the second game joined in progress right here on the fan following yankee baseball rangers a seven three loss to tampa bay lightning in their home finale blue shirts are in carolina tonight islanders putting the least five to four in brooklyn the devils.

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