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The Cleveland Ohio we go well I'm not going to have to turn danger how's it going doing good my friend what's up I had a question so are the twenty sixteen to writing it's the SL Li it's just a front wheel drive I'll have around thirty thousand miles on it and my lease is done because I got a discount on the front end the bile is ten thousand so I was wondering what you thought about actually purchasing your this is the registration one little thing out just for you not that this the different for this one but what you pay up front what the residual buyout is at the end have nothing to do with each other that residual is set in stone and it was the same for everybody that bought the same package you did so I got it the the you they drove it at twenty five hundred miles on it so the okay so the price of the car I thought was cheaper because of that it may have been but that is not in no way tied to the residual buyout value okay I just did thanks danieli says Roger understand that I had ten grand with thirty thousand miles I mean that seems like a no brainer the thing is worth more than ten grand for sure now I've got a article of my FAQ page car pro USA dot com that gives you all your end of lease options and I'm a really put it in simple terms I follow that in what what that article is going to tell you to do John is to get a offer from a dealer on the current car to compare that to the ten thousand you got about four just to be sure I can tell you right now with the SUV market the way it is I think is worth more than ten grand so if you want to buy it and pay cash or finance the the balance that your dealer can help you with that that's not a problem but I I don't know that's so like a bargain to me and see I thought the same thing but I just wanted to know what you thought about the vehicle and as long as you have a there they've been good it it had and sister the equinox are both very how my list recommended recommended vehicles and it's because of their long term reliability they've been really good good issue vis and I I gotta be honest I'm shocked that that residual value was only ten grand I would've thought more but guess what that means that you got a bargain and you.

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