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You're listening to midori house first broadcast of the twentyfirst to february two thousand eighteen on monocle 24 alone welcomes midori house come at you live from studio while near in london i'm andrew miller on today's show a horrific few days even by the standards of syria's civil war prompts fresh condemnation from around the world but will it prompt any meaningful response my guests florence beadman and colored the neuro we'll be discussing this and the days of the top stories including president emmanuel macron's plans for reforming france's immigration laws the efforts of bangladesh and myanmar to maintain relations despite the row hinge a refugee crisis and what should finland do with an immense bitcoin stash it com really spend that's all coming up on the dory house a monocle 24 right now and welcome to midori house my guest today i'll florence beat him an agence france presse london bureau chief and colored manure a senior teaching fellow in southeast asian politics at so us welcome both now these standards of hideous nece established over the seven years of serious civil war a such that when the conflict does still command international headlines it is a certain signify that something especially dreadful is occurring such appears to be the case in eastern gutu the long besieged rebel enclave adjoining damascus which has come under renewed bombardment by serene government forces in the last few days at least three hundred people have been reported killed this week florence it's all we can tell of what's going on is east in eastern gutierrez is from the the footage being broadcast out of their by people in eastern duties as is the case had and has been the case throughout syria almost impossible to report from it independently but from what we can glean from that do we.

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