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Saying please use mass transit if you can let's see if you're celebrating a birthday today thirty sober to britain that no months back when when his mind you birthdays in february now you're so wrong march no colli do it listen i know when your birthday is why did you do that to me i know your mind here not june thirteen the nine that's why were they are a your birthday is on november nope move everett's hold on your book i i know when you're bored they and they alone on messing with your borussia's for the radio mess with with of course lemme villagers checking my phone and go back october 15th at the october 15th as your bird yet i was going to be your next essay come on it but your birthday your celebrate with uh pumped senior joe joe turns twenty seven doesn't giorgio feel like she's older only because we've seen her when she was like 12 we were it's that's right she was she came here for the first time she was a little tiny little baby little baby were like wonder what what our careers going to hafer david cook thirty five years old johnny hill thirty four match third baseman david wight 35 and former kiss drummer peter chris seventy twoday happy birthday to all those guys hey there is something i want to take up with you that you'll yesterday you and i and jane yeah we discussed all the movies that are coming up this week up starting that yet and you were like you know you're trying to make a case that like we're not gonna go see the movies who cares and the saints third typically when we come out during during the the christmas time that i very strong right i gotta tell you man i thought about that all.

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