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Harvey Buddy I'm Leonard Maltin Jesse Molten. And you're listening to Maltin on movies. There's a little echo in this room. Isn't there Laura sitting actually on a giant stage in the middle of Iceland or not. I like that to be true. But it's one of those workspace places and so it sounds a little different than usual usual. That's why but if it sounds different than last weeks or next week. That's because we have Greta Gerwig here today right. I wasn't there last week and I know be there next week. Yeah I know upsetting setting but one time. I'm glad I'm here. I glad to hear too. I'm really glad that I got to watch you. You sitting at that table with Sir Sharon and yes amy basket hell everybody yeah exactly critics choice fixture. There was like the girl party it was beanie came over. I don't know if you saw that moment. A lot of what was it was very imperfect perch to just watch the crazy all around at at one point when Nicole Kidman walked past us. Oh Yeah and They were counting down because nobody would sit down. The thing about these awards type dinner situations is that no one in cares at the dinner because they just don't Wanna see each other right so excited to get to hang out that when the actual TV bit is happening and those bless those poor or managers like they just can't like please the duck. I know and are going to be the one who yells at Nicole Kidman. 'cause I'm not no. I know everybody I know. Well she can do what she wants. She's standing there going. That's fine I always feel like it's funny will. It's true the Golden Globes and true the critics choice that is True Academy Awards which we've been to one is That that Matt the at the I do sometimes feel like there is a mad dash to the seats though which is sort of like. It's almost like the teachers coming in and I was doing it. He was sitting here. Nicole Kidman did it look still standing almost childlike No one did it. schoolday flashback it. Is I work spirit. Awards every year talent and over like the cool kids smoking corner. Oh yeah all standing there and evidently Ashley own like forty miles away going. She's Taco you guys. I know she is really cool. She's she's intimidating very Especially in the cool kid smoking corner via just I can't but she's like a city cage group in New York she's she's she's got away. Yeah Yeah now you grew up in Sacramento. I did I did not grow up an exam. Not I'm not a city Sonic Sacramento. I'm exotic Louis. Normal yeah I mean I do truly feel that yeah I grew up in Sacramento. And what impelled you to go to New York go to school well I mean there is a lot of reasons I I. I had wanted to move to New York from the the time I was very young. I had a formative trip to New York when I was five and then another one when I was eight but the I wanNA five I went to go see a lot of Broadway shows other ones that go see. Forty Second Street with Jerry sure and I saw it was thanked teen eighty nine ninety. You know I saw a gypsy with time. Daily style I saw I saw cats cats both in New York and in and in the Winter Garden Theatre in in London but in any case they had this idea of New York I had an idea of New York had an idea of like wanting to get back there and I think I mean particularly forty second street from me because it was actually one of the last giant tap choruses. They didn't of that stretch of shows and it was just I I think for to be a five year old kid to see something like that was d- it was genuinely life changing so I always had that in the back of my head so then I I applied for schools. I was like I WANNA go to New York City so What I applied to Nyu as an actor? And I put to juilliard as an actor and I didn't get it but I- i- Barnard was Where I went to school women's College at Colombia and I was I hadn't known about it until I went to New York to actually audition for Nyu for theatre school and my dad said. Why don't we go look at Barnard and I was like no and then I got their noses love it here so then I kind of went all out and said I really go to this school and I was very lucky they let me in and then it was kind of life changing but I yeah I wanted? I went to New York for college and I have never left Except for to come to La occasionally and did you feel you fit in. Yes yes I mean. I felt like I felt like I fit in. Insofar as it was a bunch of people who didn't fit in anywhere else gonNA found their place and I just loved all those women didn't like I just they were all just so smart and cool and interesting and weird and I just was like oh no I want to be we just like them and then and then I it was like I found the group that did that. I didn't know I had well that's that's another life changing. Oh my God experience it was everything also I think because I was so I was always pretty passionate in an intense one. I was a kid like I loved things Li and I wanted to you know I had trouble not taking everything quite seriously. Louis and the hallmark. I think of most teenagers coolness is not caring. Yeah and all I did was care and I couldn't figure out how to not care and and then when I got to Barnard I just met all these people who you even. If it wasn't the same thing I was interested in like. Oh one of the girls in my hall is is she was she was astrophysics. It was a thing and computer. You computer hacking she'd hacked her boyfriend was that Syracuse and she'd hacked every email account he had which I was like. I think that the illegal but also amazing that you know how to do this like it was that level of just total engagement. That was new to me to be around people who were. That's just like just deeply into what they were doing. Well that's that's one of the things you capture so beautifully flee in lady bird is is that intensity of emotion yes teenagers feel and it's very real to them. Yes and you tapped into the. You're still young woman but still you have to be in touch with that younger self in order to write and direct. You know something. Actually well I think you know it's funny because we'll obviously the two films I've written and Directed Lady Bird and little women women I also equally felt that Lewis male caught who actually wrote Little Women in her mid thirties and published when she was thirty six which this is my age which felt sort of faded She also had a really clear line to that The those intense feelings and those kind of wild ambitious dreams actually one of my favorite chapters and little little women is Castles in the sky. And it's just them talking about stuff they want in the future and it's amazing and that's when they you you know they they lay out all their dreams and I was and it was willing. I grew up with his book. I loved this book but then it wasn't until I regretted that I was like she gives an entire chapter girl saying what they want in the nineteenth century and it reminded me of you know the work work eight already done writing lady bird like it reminded me of myself in the best way which you know and I it's just amazing to me how much As much as things change that that sort of that passion of us that's why you can read it and be like oh it's simply. We didn't advance dance beyond ourselves. It's everyone's been saying the same thing but because it's so obviously true that story and the way she set it out in the way she wrote it is still so fresh and no and I mean it's really. That was was the thing when I reread the book that I And I had read it since it was fifteen and then I read it thirty.

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