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Respond should north korea do another strike or if the decision is made to respond but do it in a way that from general numbers mine and i think the us policies position is to force the hand of mr cameron push him to stop doing what he's doing well the military is not preparing for war at this point is it well that's it it's an interesting thing yeah when somebody said to me is they are prepared for war but not preparing for war they have contingency plans that's what they do and they have all i'm gonna say use what they would do uh but there's no sign here of anything and that uh they say the um there's the twenty thousand five hundred troops that are uh stationed on and other tonight in south korea are not on any kind of special alert there's been no dramatic uh deployment shift their subs the knows there he is trying to send a signal to north korea and do its allies that it's there uh and and doing flyovers of b1 bombers and it's it's uh launched missiles in response to north korea's launches but it really is uh is kind of business as usual somewhat uh we can see so dunford basically it seems to me has to balance president donald trump's tough talk with secretary of state rex tillerson's attempts at diplomacy isn't that true yeah i mean he then tough spot a lot of the uh cabinet members are because.

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