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DOT COM. It's Jason. Thomas JT. How are you? I'm good. I'm good. I'm a little tired I'm GonNa say that on the front end. It is eleven thirty local time, but we are dedicated to the end, so we're here doing absolutely. No, we're digging. Deep are also on board with us from racer x online. He's the Voice of American motocross as the voice of flat track. That's all you need to know. He's chasing again. Yeah, what's going on Oh, so it's so late we're going to cut interest back a little bit. I think so yeah. It's just move on I and there's so many supercross is coming. We hope to have Zach Osborne. On, your in a little bit, we're going call and a touch base with, too. Join this review pod. Protesters at walked right by the stadium. In the middle of them, I was. In their midst I was in the belly of the beast. You practically became a protest, or by like, just like being in the ocean, and just being over weight I could have been on the news. It was it was remarkably driving to get your Portland I was yeah. That's what you were doing. It was remarkably calm a lot of. College aged females with signs, and they were very hot and very tired from their walk up the. Hill, right stadium yes. Yes. I did not feel in danger at all. I felt like I could've taken out at least thirty to forty of them single handedly. Condition, not a problem. We had that, so that was exciting today here in salt. Lake City was a different program night program at it ended late. But first of all. Man You rebounding! WHY THE TRACK REBOUNDED! It was it was it was much better design challenging, tough, held water. It was cooler it. It Yeah I. Mean You WanNa talk about. Just, just a chick. Girl going getting boobs and a facelift, and maybe some implants she was. She was a different animal tonight. Everything was steeper and. The obstacles everything was steeper and bigger being. I'm writing right now. Saturday night live to put on racer x, online, dot, com, and my whole lead. Thing is that we.

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