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About the reclusive subject ever book the art of the deal and she told CNN's Alisyn Camerota that most people wouldn't speak on the record her brand is to be mysterious just as trump's brand is to never stop talking you know there's no such thing as too much publicity he made his name by putting trump on everything every building every magazine well you know she her her brand really is you know the most recognized unknown person perhaps in the world what are the big policy decisions are just big anything decisions that she has been more involved in there she doesn't get involved in the nitty gritty of policy very often at all but very critically there are almost no big personal decisions in the White House that are made without her and then she reasoned is the trump trust Sir he thinks he's got good instincts and he keeps saying you know everyone around me you know they turned on me they they leave the White House I give them a good job in the criticize me but melania doesn't so for instance she was critical in picking vice president Mike pence when it came down to three final candidates was intend rich Chris Christie and Mike pence she spent two days with the pencils and the end of it she said to Donald Trump you know I think pence is your guy because he'll be content to be number two and the other two will be gunning for your job it we'll try to figure out what their relationship dynamic is because you know of course were interested but it's hard to read the tea leaves because at times we see what we know that they don't share a bedroom we see her swat his hand away we have at times he's tried to hold it at other times they seem to be smiling and connected are they happily married miserably married what did you learn well they've been together twenty two years and by all accounts Donald Trump is not the easiest person to be with for twenty two years and that relationship has changed over the time you know I've interviewed many people have been to dinner with them seeing them up close worked for them and there is a real connection there but it has changed over time and it goes up and down you know love is complicated and as they say trump blog is really complicated they spend shocking amount of time physically apart and yet the first call he often makes after a speech or rally is to her it's a mystery I don't have a crystal ball about where it's going but they they do have a relationship let's talk about her relationship with the vodka because much has been speculated about that as well you right malattia hasn't heard of calling a vodka the princess out of earshot when she was younger of bacha privately called melania the portrait telling classmates that her father's girlfriend spoke as much as a painting on the wall do they have as frosty a relationship as has been reported yes I mean by all accounts a spoke to many people and inside the White House is particularly at certain times tense times there's been team melania and team Ivanka there's a lot of tension there twenty five K. came to the White House she really loved it immediately Lani was up in New York Ivanka all the sudden since you know I think we should rename the first lady's office the first family office you know and then of course small on your preferred down and said no way they're both former models the only eleven and a half years of heart von I grew up wealthy maligning grew up very modestly and worked her way up the modeling world and fourteen Ivanka was already known since she started modeling at fourteen they're very different they don't really get along and Donald Trump is often the referee Jordan also wrote about her prenup Ivana trump the first wife famously said don't get mad get everything and it's turns out according to three different people who are aware of the prenup that it is melania who negotiated the far better deal than either of the first two lives the book is called the order for deal and the first lady's office released a statement to CNN saying the book stories and sources are false call one eight now for a propellant Sharon's money update here is Jim Tesco the companies are.

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