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Text buzz two four eight five four. That's two four eight five four two. Google will give away twenty five billion to projects they propose ways to use the artificial intelligence of computers to help create a more humane society. The grand program is part of a broader Google initiative called a I for social it aims to ease. Concerns advances in artificial intelligence word eliminate jobs, and perhaps even be autonomously deployed by military is to kill people. Other tech giants have taken similar steps. Microsoft has committed one hundred fifteen million dollars to it. Hey, I forget initiative of its own one that provides grants to organisations harnessing AI for humanitarian, accessibility and environmental projects Bob Agnew report. But North Dakota man has been sentenced to life in prison for conspiring to kidnap a baby that his then girlfriend had cut from their neighbors body and lying to police about it. William Hain pleaded guilty to the charges last month and was sentenced Monday Judge Graddick prosecutor's request to label. Hang a dangerous offender this townhall dot com. The Florida ban charged with setting explosive devices and suspicious packages to more than a dozen prominent Democrats also threaten at least one Republican the Zona Republic reports that say posted threats aimed at GOP Senator Jeff flake who had called for an FBI probe of then supreme court nominee Brett capital. According to the paper one post included an aerial photo of flakes home along with the comment. Very nice house. Jeff a lot of entrances. The post continued we will see you, Cheryl and your family soon. Say was charged last week was sending explosive devices to more than a dozen critics of the president. Capitol hill. Correspondent Wally is a Florida bad who flashed a gun while trying to prevent four mostly African American college students from getting on an elevator with him has avoided prosecution by agreeing to serve fifty hours of.

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