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Isn't that amazing and then he basically goes on to say the release date has been pushed by we should be mindful and take stock of the roads we took to get here in the pillars of authenticity family and most importantly are loyal fans perspective have been instrumental in procuring success now that's a lot of words but it's really funny how like so basically the distinction here is that tyree like name names started drama meanwhile vin diesel on the rock have acted like true them's and yet like complemented not just each other not really they've also dodged the controversy they haven't called out therese they've responded to therese without responding qataris if you know what i mean and then at the end of it they complement the head of universal run my hair sat there like thank you daddy um rhino at the end of the day without the real family i mean this family is like being they know where their allowance they know where their allowance cumfrom but anyway that's you know kind of them sliding back into who dumb protesting too much of becoming dramatic benz no way to shut their mouths and kind of you know not respond to the drama because if you can rise above truly them behavior yeah i will say there was an interesting tippett entire isa's caption he says that they were once offered a spinoff and they turned it down as in we knew not to go against family that wouldn't surprise me no i'm gonna take i'm going to take tyree said his word tirees does have a benny hana and its backyard so he he does he does.

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