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They've done that before though. Yeah. But then like she talked like a heel on the microphone, but then she cheap shot at Bel Air. Yeah. All right. Like she could be arrogant like, oh, you you love me too much. You need me too much to ever hate me. And everyone's like, fuck you in your face. If she goes back to being if she goes back to actually being the man, which is what when she first turned heel. Right. Then sure I'm for it. For sure, yeah. But we'll see. These are the observer also reports that Asuka is healthy and available, but WWE is just simply not using her. We have nothing for her. None of the best wrestlers. Yeah, I mean, ever since her call up, it's been like that. I asked Asuka for a comment. Yeah. That sounds like something she'd say. Yeah. I guess that's it for rumors. Yeah. So let's get to some fan questions. Okie dokie. Boy do we have a lot this week? Oh boy. Vladimir Jordan, where's the Baron Corbin sound bite? We need it. Too much nonsense in WWE. I promise I'll do it. Okay. Just forgot, yeah. We've been busy. Yeah, it's been a busy feeding. Yeah. Bobby, oh, Bobby has a new name. Bobby the Mark soy dam. Okay. All right, Bobby, the Mark soy dam. Not a question, but I hope you all had fun in Vegas and shout out to Eric for making me laugh with his jokes during my quarantine. You're welcome. There you go. Yeah. Thanks, Bobby, the Mark, soy dam. Appreciate it. Alex verdugo, who do you guys think needs a heel slash face turn? I say drew desperately needs a heel turn and Big E should turn once he cashes in. Yeah, those are both work. Exactly. Especially we finally got Miz like being like a real heel. I would love for biggie to be a heel and stop making love to the briefcase. Yeah, if he could do that ASAP, that'd be awesome. ASAP. Jake baker pushed fire very matches at extreme rules, Alexa versus Charlotte, Nicky and Rhea versus Tamina and Italia, oh, dear God. And then Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns, custody of Paul Heyman ladder match. Obviously push that. Push that very Alexa Charlotte fire fire the other one. The tag team match. Yeah. David camp Survivor Series match up NXT Mount Rushmore versus AW mount Russell versus WWE Mount Rushmore who you got. Obviously WWE Mount Rushmore is gonna win. You have The Rock, Austin. Depending on who's on it. I mean, NXT would be cold, Gargano, Ciampa. Someone suggested Oscar or Io Shirai and I'm totally fine with that. Yeah, you know, probably either one of them would be fine for the Mount Rushmore. Right. AW would be like, you'd have to have Jericho, Moxley, omega. I guess omega and MJF? Yeah. But WWE's going over. Don't quote in The Rock. Right. Logan flair. Well, Ric Flair's not WWE Mount Rushmore, but Hogan, stone cold rock and undertaker or Mick Foley. Yeah, Jericho. Taker. Taker, you know? Ben van D, how many more years of Roman matches until he times a Superman punch even somewhat convincingly. Well, if you don't like it now, it hasn't improved. It's gonna get any better. Justin Stewart, did you hear that Goldberg's son wants to start training to be a wrestler? Beware of torque. Everybody. Oh, God. Yeah. Making his way to the ring. Torque, torque. Yeah. Joey montez gentlemen, I don't know if I'm asking for much, but I would like a worn out. This is Joey montez was asking for the warning before we talk about Spider-Man: No Way Home because he wants to he wants to watch the movie, not having seen any trailer. Oh, wow. I love that. I respect that. I don't have the willpower to not watch the trailer. Right, especially with marvel movies. Yeah. I mean, there's so much hype in them, so right. Steve M visits to Houston was great, went to 8th wonder, great beer. Thank you for the suggestion. Fuck the Astros dam cheaters. I mean, I don't care. I'm not a nationalist fan. Glad you liked 8th wonder. Yeah. Hope you got some haterade, I think they have an unsafe. Yeah. That dog has a puffy tail. Oh. Vince. Where? AW got punk. Bring in Becky to squash Bianca and Brock Lesnar. No one will beat us. We'll be better than ever. Vince, hopefully two months later. Well, that's the end of me. Gracefully. References. Yeah, their name was The Simpsons reference, and the joke was a Simpsons reference. Adam Wilson with WWE burying Bianca at SummerSlam and making dumb rash to scissors. How long until they put the women's title on lily the doll. Though, it could be soon. Yeah. Maybe an extreme extreme rules. Right. Triple threat. Because that promo for extreme rules before they said extreme rules, I was like, oh, what is this Halloween havoc? Right. But then it ended up being extreme rules. Yeah. Strange. Derek Snyder, after Becky's return at SummerSlam, my friends and I got hopeful that we would see the return of Bray Wyatt as well. Boy. Yikes. Oh boy. But to no avail, we've been pondering braise options. Go back to WWE. That's not really an option. They don't want them. Right. Make the move to AEW head to Japan or call it a day with pro wrestling. What do you guys think he'll do? I mean, the hot rumors that he's going to AW. Through everyone goes. Yeah. So I would say that. Rock Uso Sean undertaker, since NXT probably will be irrelevant will you guys only have a raw and SmackDown podcast and a dynamite and rampage podcast going forward? That's what Josh wants to do, but I think for now we'll keep doing NXT. Yeah, we'll see what they do. Mike Everett YouTube has a raw top ten. I've been watching this for the last year. You could watch this and give us your analysis. We would not know the difference. Thank you for taking one for the team. You guys are awesome, except for Josh. Oh, Josh. Nick godson does Roman beat Lesnar and then go to raw to win the championship from Bobby. Probably not. No. I wouldn't care. I'd rather have one champion, but right. El ray PJ Perez, how much longer you think until they make lily a real girl and who's gonna play her? Liv Morgan. I mean, if anyone was if they were gonna do that, that's the answer. Right, yeah. Yeah. She only wanted to do it, really. But we haven't seen her since money in the bank, right? Correct, and she lost. God we're such idiots. We actually thought they were going to give her the briefcase. I know, right? Kyle foxon, so SmackDown gets John Cena, Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar. Raw gets Logan Paul? Well SmackDown had Logan Paul. Oh, for WrestleMania. Yeah. But Steve has gone now. USA Network must have Pis somebody off. Brock's not gonna be on every episode of SmackDown. Right. Yeah. Matt foster in your own breakaway WWE brand, who would you make your world mid card tag in women's champions? That's a lot. That's a lot of titles. I mean, I would make Kevin Owens the world champ. I know that much. I could do as tag champs. I'd finally give Cesaro a mid card title again. Yeah. That'd be a good chance. I don't know whether even tagged like what tag teams are even I mean Ritalin Orton or tag champs they should be the tag champs right now. Yeah, that works. And women's champs, I mean, Bianca Belair was a good woman's champ. Yeah, very Ripley. Nikki cross before she was a superhero. Asuka. Yeah. Mark horse field will AW beat raw ratings by 2022. Sure..

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