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Brackets but north carolina has other barbecue joints including the outer banks high cotton which serves up family size portions of eastern north carolina q the hand chopped pork is smoked on hickory for twelve hours they also make a mean southern fried chicken chocolate pecan chess pie hush puppies and test texas brisket okay let's see in oregon bowman's barbecue express bom x barbecue express my ex wife lives in in oregon maybe i'll let her know about this of course i don't know if it's near where she she lives in medford this is in albany can you look up albany oregon i can text my ex wife and say hey heather checkout bo max barbecue express the best it's the best barbecue in oregon so albany oregon and then let's see other location medford so is it it's about a four hour drive this is going to really love barbecue drive four hours to go to bow max barbecue express partners pit is a revered place in oregon and portland but bom ax is a true family affair owned and operated by nine member family bo max serves complimentary corn bread oh with fresh whipped honey butter during meals that's nice complimentary corn bread i'm driving four.

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