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The golden knights have fired head coach Gerard galant Mike Reid won't shut the hell up about it this is a shopping and do we have time you have done time not here let's talk about it later they replaced it with beaded aboard mean that's another coaching the also let's because it's a long one the war was fired by the sharks back in December with Mike weird the Hollywood police department in Florida has announced that its athletic league has severed ties with Antonio brown returned his donation following a viral video showing him yelling obscenities towards Cobbs and the mother of his children and finally Billy I wish we'll be doing the theme song for the new James Bond film no time to die for all the latest headlines information to the SportsCenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day I've got a lot of questions and it's not hyperbole to say that Bob Costas is not just the best broadcaster in the history of sports television like we can have these arguments Lauren just broadcasting history or if there's ever been any anybody better at the doing of television then Bob Costas so he joins us now and I asked this question with all due respect are you retired like are you close to retired because you you left football and I know you have a creative projects that you're interested in but I don't know what you're doing these days no I'm not retired but before I answer that given the current atmosphere did your article on use his smartphone to watch slapshot during the golden knights game that uses technology why he was dismissed your opening Mr Casas only three points out in the division who does this move now Peter devore finds himself in the cat bird seat of coaching the all stars when you just got fired it's a dramatic change of events it it it's almost too wacky to comprehend do anyways so you're not retired so no as a matter of fact I was on the MLB network for three hours day before yesterday when the story broke first about the Astros and now which court and the red Sox and I do basically a game a week each week on MLB and during the baseball season and maybe in the upcoming year all do well some things like some non play by play things like what I used to do like earlier stages of my career but nothing to announce just yet so it's it's a transition thing I'm doing less than I did before and obviously Sunday night football on the Olympics with the two most visible things you can do in sports television but I did it doesn't Olympics I don't know how many super bowls Sunday night Sunday afternoons I did between the eighties and and at this point so just felt to me like that was enough that was enough of all that and I look back on it with us a lot of fun this appreciation but the I'm really glad I did it and now I'm kind of glad I'm not doing that anymore close to retirement hello December watching what's up with you some of those games for quite awhile well now that you brought it up I did here while I was in one of those playoff games and I say this with all due respect as well because no well because because what happened was in this must happen with the changing evolution of baseball he evidently Bob describes something as off the fists and it went out of the park at a million miles an hour and was I was upset with myself and and so I was just wandering because I'm not used to you making mistakes like that where you've been most upset with yourself because something happened during the broadcast well that was one of them actually it was the first inning of twins Yankees the first game of the playoffs first game of their best of five series which the Yankees swept and would set the stage for how these were the two top former getting teams in a distorted home run season in baseball for a variety of reasons the tennis ball obviously being one of them on the reasonable leave it was intentionally Jews but everybody in baseball acknowledges that there was something different than routine fly balls were going out of the ballpark so that was part of the story of the twins Yankees being one two and James Paxton was pushing for the Yankees and yet allow or first inning home runs than any pitcher in baseball so that was a story like to a John small tonight had laid it all out and everything was going swimmingly and was sorry I believe was the second hit her and the football silently it's a line drive I.

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