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Podcast and still makes me smile. Every time i get to say that on this episode of this among dire podcasts. The know it all himself. Jason kameda is in the house. He's got the beautiful new film for the haggerty channel. He wants to talk about As well as we're talking about the new bmw m. three and four which he's had lots of time in And we're going a little action with some of the logistics involved in making some of these more difficult films And of course jason has his many opinions and we go to the audience to pick random numbers from his spreadsheet to review random cars from his past. Haggerty's jason is on the entire podcast. Do it like most is lack. Most is godfried out. What do aren't capable of getting high Your voice high enough. You really tried to godfried but ended up with his last. Have you ever sat on top of a flag pole. Any jackie related into the flag. That he's been doing hertie hours out of his mind in love it Speaking of stand up. We're going to be checking out byron. Bowers at the townhouse in venice on wednesday the sixteenth. Come down by a ticket and join us can be very fun. Jason cammisa. they'll throwing up from. what's active. Have you ever reject. Just start the sentence with have you ever. Jackie related in the loudest highest pitch voice. And just follow it up. From mustang mach one turned camis up. I can't walk so but that's only is that only on live and then the the real show is fixed. Well then i fix it. Yeah right okay well live. People are going to suffer in that regard. All you can do a max. I mean you can stream if for sure jason in fact we encourage that please by all means. If you've got to scream. I have this much coffee left once. They hit empty once. You want her to the bottom of the mclaren. Do you want to refill. Be more at that time on three on. Do you want us to wait for you to get a refill. Who's the probably if. I have another cup of coffee break so well but isn't this a shortage show because you have things to do things to do places go people to talking scream at dude. I watched your newest icons of video. You sent me the the cut. Its i can't even call it a video. Who's a thirty minutes long Proper television length and even if it was a half hour on tv it would only be twenty two and a half. so it's like twenty nine forty. The first thing we need to do is publicly. Apologize to my editor. Who has said m. Three cup was the longest year of my life with me But it needs to be done so for the record. Is that episode out next. Thursday which giant judge so no one else has seen it yet. Youtube got a preview of it. So we can talk about this. Because i know you have feelings about the most The the so we can or can't talk about it. We can't i mean we're not gonna do. we're not going to skew. It's not we don't even need to talk about like what you think about the fucking m three like. It's not even about that. I was really impressed with your filmmaking. I mean that was really The intro shot the. I like thirty five seconds or sixty seconds. Whatever it is of. That film is as good as i've seen in years for anybody. Yeah as a fucking scorsese level shot That was very very good reveals very very very That was credit due to my doctor's always anthony. Who came up with this intro sequence and thought. Let's do the world's longest burnout. So the one thing i'm not toward the is quite apparent we nailed is that that entire scene was an out and the burnout was approximately a mile long. Oh burn up the whole time. You didn't know. But i thought he was just driving path. Oh no cam. The tires stopped smoking at really after awhile. And you kind of had to look for it or on. The cords thing was funny and to anthony. I agree on everything except for when we're fighting like brothers and on that one. I'm like we need a drone shot to show the aerial of those hopkins skid mark. It's a missed opportunity. But i don't know if what the cost of a drone that one shot would have been. There is no we didn't he. Didn't use ed look all good but it was like a mile long burnt out of chopped up into two miles times. But but no you did. You really did like it was a pretty strong forty five second. Monologue timed with timed perfectly with multiple drifting other vehicles crossing paths wild. Doing a very well controlled break stand. It was good yeah. I'm really really really good. It was i i watched. I watched the first vegas. I stopped it to text him. That was very good. Yeah wow and that doesn't happen. I don't like anything. That's also which is why i don't like anything or anyone. Which is why we get along. Yeah but now in. Thank you good triangle. Literally on my on my right was i hate. Everyone's my license plate. I mean that's a little trite like that antisocial. Social club shirt. But like maybe we should just have like a people who ate everyone club. it's not it's not permanently. It's used on a minus to plus ten scale with me. You start with a minus nine point seven being every way up from there you never ever. I don't like you right off. The bat i in people fucking hate you and you know like is one of those people that i'm doing great. Who is jerry though. Yeah yeah we met a photo shoot. It was our friend from college and we needed one more body. Like who's going to be in ten seconds. He was like from nine point. Seven minus four and then with him by the end of the day was like happily and mike plus zero point. three category what is the scale. I q ten is where his scale goes negative. You could be in his book like a four four is like a perfect humanitarian We need we need to get jason. The stupid book yes. Did you see. The stupid book is still on my desk. Why do i keep blanking on the goddamn name of the stupid book. It's like it's like the five basic rules of human stupidity or something like that and and when you read it it'll just fucking you'll just rewire it. You'll start putting everybody on the chart. It all makes sense the basic laws. Yeah of human stupidity basic. Yeah you need to get this book and if you don't have it already i'll send it to you. It's it's like seventy pages. You'll read it in three dumps and it is blue thick and it's got these charts so pull up the chart so puts you can plot everybody and by their actions on this chart that has quadrants. Do i now need to have another spreadsheet for only yes yes yes by their charts for like where people say on the asshole. Yes you do. By the way. That reminds your favorite activity with. Jason is to call out random numbers from his spreadsheet and him have him relive random cars so jason have the spreadsheet in the background and in the super chat. We're going to take we'll take requests. It's what zero to fifteen hundred. Is that what it is something like that to twelve hundred now. Hold on the zero to one through the hyundai tucson. That's being picked up today. Two thousand five hundred sixty one. Fuck me in the super chat. And we're gonna. We'll choose a magistrate up capitalist this bitch but donation amount. The highest donation amounts will take priority in choosing.

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