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We talk about the game. Let's just talk about that professional level where you make a mistake like that obviously you your high profile was FA Cup semifinal. Bypass the David Beckham. Yeah when I was seeing Jack Greeley talk into him as he was walking off the page. I was thinking thousand me. I wouldn't want anyone anywhere. Niimi too difficult one because what we have here as a player who made two mistakes at least probably made more but he made to glittering and it was the penalty and the mistake we tried to control and there's no time left in the game to combat in schools because your team but in the league. Will you make mistakes? You know you general have time to make amends for that and the next game deafened says when you do in a cup semifinal guy is gone as you wrote. You're not going to Wembley but it's tough and he'll over la I mean we all over I mean because you play another another league in I would be too interested scoring goals and half sister mistakes. Mistakes mistakes are costing Aston Villa. Because they're good say to watch like Norris quite a good site to watch but making too many mistakes and basic areas are probably that's moments. I'm going to cost them. Their the status primarily occupational hazard goalkeeper. You'RE GONNA make mistakes zoo. How did you get over it? How did you deal with them? We just learned to. Kinda take these things on the Chin accent that it's GonNa Happen. It's never a good time for mistakes to happen nor really ever is i. You just accept it as all those kind of occupational hazards correctly. Said you have to pick yourself up. Doesn't sell off and get on with it. Most people do some people struggled with it. I see the reason why why this is gonna how angles in any way. It is disappointing when it does happen but again you look into these things on the Chin if you WANNA spend a long time in the game you know. They're going to keep coming. I'll tell you what though we saw a lot of football this weekend overseas some very important games but if I could watch one again probably this this brilliant yes. Last week spoils again didn't have the possess that opponents but the what was the the created a lot more or less week the ball retention was better a lot better and villa as I say that Koerbel final. They're going to have to balance out by the fact that some reasonable full but the head and back to the championship at the moment and said I'm so it's a tough balance and when when you're trying to get results continue to try and evolve and play this kind of open expansive football. I retract into Michelle. And just try and dig. A few results. I thought up until scored the good value for for Jewish again pulling all the strings. Incredible talent he continues to be avalon. Chances and and this is the challenge when you're a team like Aston Villa when you don't be bought a winner struggled for confidence. You've got to take those chances and too often villa have gilt-edged opportunities that Gore. Begging on then you turn it on wood. Hobbs instead of being tuneup of all of Rhode Scores and incredible goal. And then you concede two goals in the injury-time the end of the first half injury-time at the end of the game which ultimately cost you a point. If not I will be. I mean Jat Greeley we think is going to be in south next England squad but even at that I would be. I would be shocked. If he's not going to the euros with England there are other contenders out there. That are other talented players. It's not You know the forward thought that the field from midfield front is not a possession. Angle shot of talented however people talk about Madison at Leicester Percents. You Elliott Dan. I grill issues the better of the two. Because he's got more about your own fewer than James Madison Madison can Pekka Poss- Greeley's can pay from fifty sixty yards from deep. He can play that little ball into fine without it. Can Taco is very good in the bullet hole play-off because he's strong. I think I will probably. I'll be shocked if doesn't go with England and I'll be showcase if a big club united or someone don't try and get them in the summer always surprise. I'm sorry from Jack. Greenish for Dean. Smith had to say after.

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