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The warriors would love to have a guy that when wiggins rask they could bring in a guy like kuenssberg six-foot-seven. I just think you think why. Because he's a white guy yeah to be honest with you. I think that's probably too. And i look at that that they just draft white guys but you think about nico manion corey kiss. Bird is a better player than nico mannino. They've played a different position And as much as i don't like the zags and as much as corey kiss bird. I think has dropped into the twenties at this point. I think that's a guy that the warriors will take what i rather have you know zaire williams from stanford would i rather have another freshman jaylon johnson From duke isaiah jackson from kentucky I don't know i. I really don't know it's kind of a crap. Shoot once you get out of the top three really but out of the top ten. But i i just feel i kissed is the cana guy that myers and kerr with think. That's our guy right there. All right we'll take a quick break when we come back. Kin will.

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