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That song is called like stars. And she just came out with an album a couple of months ago, and many people who are familiar with their music may know, her as a producer and DJ and writer who set arises the entire sort of club scene and club culture. It's a really interesting mix because she's obviously making dance music. But if you really dissect and listen to what she's talking about she sort of poking fun at the whole culture. Okay. So that's Marie Davidson extras next f we have EA wave and they're from Nairobi tells about them. Yeah. So EA wave the EA actually stands for east Africa. And they're a group of deejays and producers from Nairobi and they're made up of five members, and they're sort of like a super hero group of sorts just four music. So they let by the Scott named jingle who is considered the being mixes psychedelic dance music with poly rhythmic advocate for. Russian is the one responsible for sort of incorporate into melody. And he's in charge of of hand picking the right vocalist for the songs and stripped down tracks heavily influenced by Rb. Indie. Pop and rock there's Harambee who is considered the sole. He blends his I love jazz with ADM lo fi and hip hop. There's new fuck he brings was considered the bounce me provides the groupie samples in the fuck lace beats and it finally there's Chicago who is the king of low end. He incorporates the future based aid awaits the heavy drums, and that's something that you hear in this particular songs..

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