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Gang from Sesame Street. Oscar. The Grouch was always my favorite. Yes, Anyway. They recently celebrated their 51st anniversary as a show And since Mike, it's your job to help educate Our listeners about their money. I feel compelled as a DJ to point out this very important fact about life on Sesame Street. Back in 1969 Big Bird could buy one of Mr Hooper's famous bird seed milkshakes for only 20 cents. But today Had someone else, not me do the math. And that same milkshake would cost about three bucks. So inflation is even a thing on Sesame Street, my friend, and that is just sad. Actually. Good luck with that, Christian, I I don't think you could get a milkshake for three bucks. Now. Do you think so? I mean, maybe a bird seed one who wants one? Maybe that's why so Maybe that's why I was going to night time. I think that your friend took that little too technically, and actually did math on what bird seed would cost and Millikan treated all but What is your favorite? If you're going to milk shake what would be your favorite 10? My gosh. Now if the world is my oyster, I like candy pieces in there, or, like a a mint, right? Something like that. But if we're just talking plain flavors, I'm a standard vanilla kind of gal. No. Cookies and cream. Oh, I love that ice creams are probably wouldn't it Z pretty solid. I haven't had one really long time just because I feel awful after having it. But in this pandemic, Covad life, whatever it is, I have gained some weight. Part of it has been to get some ice cream. Boy, because there's a lot of things out there. You watch the news. You bring down theater of the mind people or imagine business people there imagining your huge right now. No, I'm not huge. That's what I'm saying. I'm just saying, but I got in this business because I didn't want people looking at me, and that's why I'll stay at it, You know, but at the same time, let's be real. The news is depressing. When I'm watching David Bure. It's with a pint of ice cream. Sometimes I'm just being honest. It's not nice. It's gotta stop that, anyway. Let's talk about what's really important here and not me, binging the news and movies on the couch and eating too much ice cream. Let's talk about our financial life because I'm not sure how long average is in the world of retirement. But let's just pretend It's two decades. So what could happen to your finances in two decades? Well, the most recent 20 years we had let's think about it the dot com bubble that cost a crash in.

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