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Improved with age. A technology. Can you tell me about some of the tools that can help it's hard to get an overview right now what tools out there? So one thing that's definitely missing is transparency on which tool available for which tasks and how do they compare today? Every practitioner would have to go get all the tools out there and then find his own decision Matrix and then decision that's a very tedious task what we need and you mentioned that and you run this community as an exchange of information of experiences just feedback from using things like conflict analysis or analytics or natural language processing of documents in the data room and share it in the community. So in Germany, we have a very active Community with several working groups and specific topics regarding automation since about two months. We also publish some of the results also an English language from the phone number. Association of m&a in our magazine which is called m&a ramble on the website M A Midas review. We could have a look there. It's a running discussion should be applications Etc. Yeah, that's actually really interesting how you have the network and you're sharing some of these ideas with m&a science. The initiator was the fact that all these drug companies have their own approach and I really focus on a lot of the people challenges that seems to be some of the most difficult things to really solve. I don't think you could automate that stuff. I think there are certain things where we look at maybe more of the Box activities like bear. Hey, we're looking for some pretty obvious things that are essentially the Doomsday tomorrow type of risk and hey, we got tons and tons of employment contracts customer contracts to really suck lies and look for the variances which may identify other risks the human the part. We still have to do that and I think that's been the area of focusing around the practices there, but it's also certainly let's say you have in fact Since you have a question, something seems to be questionable. What's happening around the customer. Let's take a fantasy name, like for example, and you say hey this customer Porsche what's cooking and you should talk to the person at the Target company even in this situation. You could have support from a tool that shows all the relationships around this entity that bush and all the information we have in the data room to give you a background without having to look through their hundred thousand documents in the data room found this customer Bush and his complaints for example, when drilling deeper into this topic so clearly person to person is important but it's also augmenting and assisting in using all the data in the data room. That was single person is not able to capture as a home. Yeah. That's actually interesting view when you look at Autumn page. And where are the essential goals out of that? The perfect automation would be basically two things you have an end-to-end platform or data integration layer. You would have a job opportunity to plug in different specific tools for specific tasks into that and you're able to apply all the magic that we talked about evil. And also coupling data from different phases in the m&a process go back and forth and use the capability to not only compute but also analyzed interpret large amounts of data to ensure you're basically cutting out a lot of the Tactical craps. So people can focus more on the high-value activities actually create value. Absolutely. Have you seen my interest in this or are people pretty satisfied with their current structure? Yeah. There's a lot of interest in this the key thing that keeps people in m&a and Cooperative off. Documents from rapidly adopting tools is it takes time to get a little more transparency? What's cooking in the market and also some time to prep bullet proof that the solution is really the right one to use for screening or other activities and m&a process and there's lots of screening tools out there with lots of automation but not hard to figure out today without having time to try ten different solutions. What's the right solution for you? And this is where we need to put in some work and share experiences this information to have an easier time to select Solutions which are right for the tasks that you want to automate. I'm curious if maybe some of the most recent things you've worked on that you see some pretty early signs that you're hopeful around. I think that we will see widespread use of specialized end-to-end m&a project management platforms home. Which are with always all the data room, but they basically run from a let's say portfolio management strategy screening all the way through the integration either the data will provide us kind of fan out in the other phases or specialized project management system providers will provide that Slayer and would need to plug in both rooms that's already there. And that's a good starting point to further specialized automation tools, like for example legal analysis of contracts that data roam. It's also already there. So a lot of good stuff that's interesting. I think got a good point where there's always that Central repository of information, but then extension comes in forms of a wage is to really be able to plug that in and Central we're starting to see that but then I think that also enables independency of companies to really focus on Niche technology, but then still bring it back. Into that essential platform Kia basically to know what are the data? I need in different phases for example in screening to compare different companies cetera and then apply off everything on top of that faced on a quote unquote standardized API model. So that's where we should be going. Hopefully in the advisor more challenging to integrate the businesses post office day and activities involved in the course of preeminent. That's a very good question and it's a widespread problem. I think that what you have to do is basically two months Focus as early as possible on questions and issues and problems and budgets and would have you regarding the integration. So in SAP with massively change what we do I think you do diligence we focus a lot on how we can make the integration successful. So we look at the target, of course to all the target due diligence, but it's dead. Time we also do a preliminary integration planning and also trying to harden our plans to make them bulletproof. Make sure we have the budgets and resources of things. We see coming up in post-match integration. And we do one thing which is we have the same people for example in product due diligence and in the integration project regarding product aspect and that has increased the position of due diligence results a lot because the same person who has to stand the challenges in the aggression based on the analysis that you have done in the due diligence and that helped a lot to ease the pain that many companies in integration. If you start early if you have the same people doing that that helps a lot too quickly improve what you do in due diligence to do better better. Each.

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