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Foul backing out of play once again Kadena coming back just in case. But it lands up on the roof. Cat stays at Owen too. Rain coming down pretty good now probably the hardest. It's rained since we got here it started raining sprinkling about a half hour before the game was scheduled to start at four o'clock eastern time. Check this weighing one around and that is strike three. And McGuinness is now struck out three in a row. Gets the first out in the third. When they decided to go ahead and start at five forty five eastern. They had looked at the radar knew that some more rain was probably coming in that it was likely to be on the lighter side, not real heavy. Downpour type stuff. Here's a ball hit in the air to left center field. Jackson going back to the track. In laughed. It's off the fence in deep left center. Cats fee, the center fielder plays it back in Eric sandiego stops at second with a double. He is three for three in the ball game. He's bad at three times in three innings, and now has two singles in a double. Cincinnati threatening again with a runner in scoring position. In one out. That's their second hit off mcginnis and a total of seven now in the ball game. And so we play on through light rain here in Cincinnati runner at second one out. Bottom of the third the batter joy Bolini who has grounded into a force play. And walk the escort both times. He's been on takes strike on the inside corner. Leaney a junior college transfer. He is from Winter Park Florida transferred from Saint John's river state college in Florida junior college he was a second team all state yuko selection. The pitch to him. What after one that was probably off the corner outside fouled it off. And it's own too. That was at best a borderline strike on the outside edge. Blaney reached out for tapped into the turf runner at second one out count no-balls in two strikes. Clayton. Mcginnis gesture to Kadena to go through the signs again. He is set. Look back to second and the pitch.

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