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The witch in there I don't mean to correct you but as you get the confused with the audio from the lesson tifa rally she they all sound a lot like a like entries on the air and she's supposed to be the violent one but she need security to protect her at that event she's like ringed around by security arm security proper irony yeah just to really rub it in so last night CNN all this town hall Chris Cuomo X. explaining why the NRA wasn't there for its brow beating hello everybody I am Chris formal welcome to a very special primetime town hall we're calling it America under assault the gun crisis it's been a tough week the guy we should not waste this moment so let's take a breath and let's talk and take the time to listen don't waste this moment he says so does this sound like Rahm Emanuel how yes that's right never let a good crisis go to waste now it's on CNN they as the good little soldiers they are they jump right in there like nope no ways here we put together a beautiful program for you tonight with some of the most prominent voices and they have very different ideas about protecting our society from gun violence and I am surrounded by a get tonight the strength of survivors the same kind of strange I saw on the ground in el Paso this audience travel from far and wide and mostly in lousy weather so thank you for dealing with the elements and they did so to represent their communities how do we heal when this happens to us no one and no where is immune el Paso Dayton sandy hook parkland Las Vegas Virginia Tech Columbine Chicago many of the people here survived the bullets that tore through their bodies change their lives and change their communities so you might think that the obvious question to ask if you just basically laid out the fact that you did is why does this happen right is not for the obvious question that would be the obvious question but but instead of doing that let's just talk about the implicate the implements that people use when it does happen many lost loved ones summer now advocates for reform some work in the firearms industry others work to limit that industries ridge we also invited the national rifle association the NRA to be part of tonight's conversation made a Klein they sent a totally disingenuous statement that they're open to honest discussion but not this spectacle that's what you call this a spectacle wait wait I guess they want to do their talking with propaganda ads and millions in lobby why would they get that impression why would they think why would why would they think that it's just going to be a spectacle and not an honest form who would give them that impression CNN might do that I was gonna say the last town hall on guns precisely the way Dana lashes treated the way the sheriff of Broward counter west county was treated as a serious subject and all this and and and and who's been the one who's been embarrassed and absolutely I just excoriated since then was a Dana lash now with Steve Israel it was that it was that share the Broward county sheriff so here here's where we are run C. N. N. again last night and they're tacking the NRA the sides let's be honest the gun lobby is not going to be the answer and that shouldn't be expected anymore than we expected big tobacco to help us expose the ills of smoking here the reality is people like you are the answer and there can be no sides when it comes to wanting to be safer better protected the just campy not anymore so let's use this moment let's connect and confront what should be obvious by now the only special interest involved tonight is our collective interest in dying less this way it sounds even though he's setting it up it sounds like they're really looking for both sides of the story yeah and again they don't get to the why it's like we don't fix problems we just treat symptoms yeah we're gonna get rid of the guns rather than figure out why people decide to shoot a look you were a kid when I was a kid I'm free anybody's even as in the sound of my voice whatever age you were when you were a child there were plenty of guns in America but the thing that has changed is the incidence of mass shootings and why is that our media is not actually confronting that question no there being a part of an anti gun because they're part of a gun control lobby and CNN was doing a last night as interesting that he mentions big tobacco and cigarettes if the comedian Adam corolla has a great analogy for gun owners and why they basically say no stop this whole gun control nonsense taking away from legal gun owners all the time any analogy is the way that people who smoke cigarettes retreated in our society it was always incremental it was never it was never like a we're gonna ban them from every public place which is basically where we are now the first step was you're gonna have your own section inside the restaurant okay I guess we'll go over there sorry you can't smoke inside the restaurant the more you have to smoke right outside the door okay I I guess I could do that can accommodate you I'm sorry you can't stand outside the door anymore you know I have to stand twenty five feet away from the building okay I guess I can accommodate that no actually no you have to move to a park you can't stand within the project is a building anymore yeah okay I can do that no actually we've created a postage stamp size square you can stand you can smoke the cigarettes okay I guess sorry no smoking in the park anymore no no I know and at some point you're like wait a second maybe we shouldn't start down that path and take on law abiding citizens that way eight twenty four and W. I. mail first time.

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