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Pizza gate building secret fortresses. You know, like the one that is supposed to under the Denver airport, and maybe even working with aliens known as the grays and area fifty one and some type of X files scenario and keeping it all hush hush for centuries unable to be proven by academics. But somehow constantly. Posed by David Ikin, Alex Jones, who did not have degrees, obviously investigative journalists. So one of those things one of those things is true shadow government is a sexy an interesting thought, but I just don't buy. Thank you comes razor time. By away. New world. Order sucked. Look forward to the it is the internet eviscerating me in the comment section below this. You do video. Thanks get into time. So team high priest is harmony village camp, Jesse guardian of grammar dope. Ner Reverend Dr Joe paisley time, high priest Alex Dugan the guys bit elixir those wizards danger brain was fantastic brand designers space lizards emerge. Wizards access to peril. Queens suck. Lindsey commons. Another special, thanks to bojangles. Researcher Heather knowledge ninja Rylander suck. And a feud next Monday, maybe the most famous feud in American history, we're talking about the family feud, right? It's a originally hosted. No, we're talking about the hatfields and the mccoys hassles. No choice. I haven't wanted to suck that for a long time. What was the source of this vicious and violent clash between the hats McCoy's in the mid nineteenth century during the most heated years the feud each family has ruled by well known patriarch William Andrew from Hatfield not. Deva lance. Hey appearance of backwoods mountain daughter about eighteen seventies. David Lynch was increasingly successful timber merchant who employ dozens of man, including some course, on the other side has stood Randolph. Oh, Randall McCoy they'll not as prosperous Devlin's Randolph owns from land stock in both families lived long tug fork over the big sandy river snake along the boundary between Kentucky and West Virginia. I van decade-long feared was eighteen sixty five murder Randolph. Brother ASA Harmon lacouer about Logan. Wildcats local militia group that Karen devil Lanson hatfields among its membership relations between the two families soured over the next decade before.

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