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B about quarter of eleven or something like that eleven o'clock and it was silence people were stepped people were so worried that something else is about to happen and some people were running most people walking but most people were not speaking it was the wildest thing i kept trying to reach have bee venom rita could no lines will work couldn't get through any cell phones and we did this show that night and at that point we didn't know you didn't know how many people in the towers it was before all the key cards people weren't using key cards like they use them today so at the time we didn't know it could have been three thousand it could have been 19th 20000 noone no and everyone assumed to be at least twenty thousand people dead in those towers and that people are getting to work it was nothing short of a miracle that we didn't lose more people it was just nothing short of america and in the what they should have done it should have commandeered planes later in the day but they they wanted to get those not flights that were gone over to alexandra all the fuel say wanted to get as much fuel in the plane's as as possible that muhammad autobahn company those freaks but it was wild i've got to say in and we were we did the show we talked to people were on the scene and firefighters and and uh it was hard it was hard that was a harsh i've ever done wasn't after and some electoral law serve obama winning that wasn't a hard show at that show that night i mean people or crime crime and then we have lien i went to dinner it was it was like a night it was a night where the whole city was in a harsh but lee and i were out to dinner on peace street somewhere in and georgetown outside of george tan toward dupont circle where at an outdoor cafe and it was a beautiful night so bizarre it's a beautiful night silent because you're so used to planes going over in dc planes planes plans dead silent and.

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